My 2nd grow- White Widow

Am starting on my 2nd White widow grow…converted an old TV cabinet into my grow room, this plant has only been in just over a week !!

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Air filter? Fan? Many ways to recycle :sunglasses:

Air conditioner with 4" ducting mounted in side …so pretty much temp controlled…at the moment without air on 27 degrees C bud

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Very cool way to make a grow setup.

Plant is looking great !!!

Thanks heaps man fits in the corner perfectly

The light" leak" on bottom may cause some issues later. Try to seal that up. Looking good so far, keep it up.

Thanks for the Advice Audiofreak, how’s that now ? The light is on in this pic

And with the airconditioning duct in

Both planted the same day, one outside one inside. Been growing for a week and a half

Concerned with the “seal” its during flower it’s important to be “light tight” completely or you can get "hermie’s and other issues. It appears that a good breeze could open the front.

Is in my shed, so no breeze bud, the blackout sheet hanging down gets tucked into a sheet stapled around the bottom, thus creating the light seal…and stops it being blown about…the aircon fan ducting is pointing upwards circulating air…

Just purchased a 4" charcoal filter , so hoping this will be adequate enough for the small area I’m growing in

Just starting my first grow and your plant looks terrific. Your creativity on the grow space is so cool. You’ve got the touch. Good luck.

Hi guys whilst doing my watering today I discovered that my plant was actually 2 plants together…I managed to separate them easily and only disturbed the single plant I had taken…I ended up replanting in another pot…my question is would this cabinet be suitable for 2 palnts growing ??? thanks in Advance guys !!


Just purchased this kit , hope it will be adequate

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So far so good, after discovering my single plant ,was infact 2 individual plants, I separated them and repotted…I was quite prepared to lose one…but he has fought back and is standing tall…not bad for 3 week old seedlings.



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