My 2nd Grow - Trainwreck!

I dropped three seeds directly into soil this morning!

The plan is to veg them outside while my final plant from the first grow flowers out. Maybe 8-9 weeks from now.

I used the soil from two plants of my first grow…

I needed more volume so I used some generic gardening soil my wife has for her herbs…

I added worm castings 1:5 ratio

Then added some boosters I found for good bugs and some myco fungus.

Then I dropped my seeds straight the f clear in there!!


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Got the second grow going!!


Very nice!! Set to watch :sunglasses: Hope your having a great and safe weekend :wink::+1:

I’m outta like, but man we a jar full of good bud and a nice couch over here. Perfect Sunday!

Hope you’re good too!!

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Set to watch as well👍

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Woohoo let the games begin!! :partying_face: I’m watching :eyes:
I think I read in your last journal you were thinking of getting a tent? Are you still? If so what size

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2nd day of germ for all three here…

@monkman, do you drop straight in soil? I watered straight after dropping them so I’m concerned I watered them too deep into the soil, like they sunk in deeper when I poured it…

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thanks for the tag, set to watching. i use a fat pen to put a hole about a half inch into the soil, dust a little mychorrizae into the hole and then put in seed and cover. then i spritz 8 or 10 times with distilled water. i don’t use anything but distilled water until they get to be 4 nodes out, or what i consider veg stage. i hope the soil u used is not too hot. in germ and seed stage the youngsters can’t handle a hot soil. they live off their cotyledon leaves until they get done with seedling stage. the reason i use a spritz instead of a light pour is that pouring water into my seedling soil just runs to the bottom of the cup. knowing the seed is only a half inch from the top the water at the bottom does good for weighing the pot down but not much to the seed 2 inches above it. if you spritz it has so little volume that it stays better higher in the pot.

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As i have a few train wrecks i want to grow outdoors this coming September start of our spring nz.
Im watching from new Zealand


Man I drowned em. :flushed:

I’ll give them the week… but if they’re not out by Sunday I’m gonna have to go fishin…

The soil shouldn’t be too hot. Basically the same as last seeds got but this time merged in with some worm casting…

Cool you’re along for the ride… now that I have a tent to work with maybe I can keep up with your contraption @tchop134 !!

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Some seeds take their time to pop through the soil. Patience is key here.

Thell pop soon im sure.


First one popper get head out just a twinge this Morning so I domed her off. Other two got another spray of water and then all ice them get sunshine on their fine day. :sun_with_face:


Awesome great news


So only one has popped now after a week of being in soil. They get about 3-4 drops of water twice per day, and are sitting on a window sill.

Here are the two most boring pics I have posted to this forum:

Then there is this little guy… my only hope!! :joy::joy:
@monkman, you commented on the soil and how hot it is. I didn’t think it was too hot, but looking at this seedling I’m wondering if the brown tips could be coming from that…

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i had brown tips on my plants that are starting now but not on all, just the gorilla glue. i am sorry, but i don’t like the look of the soil in the picture above. it looks too wet to me. it doesn’t look like something conducive to starting out new plants.

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Sorry @monkman, I forgot the seedling photo…

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Ok. I had the same thought. I’ll let them get some air today.

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do you have holes in the bottom of that pot?

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Yep. The have several. But I only put enough for run off in the first watering when I dropped them.

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