My 2nd grow! Looking to chat about it ;)


Making my eyes red just looking at them !


Talk about bizzy! I have my crop that’s on it’s 3rd day of flushing, I have 24 Monster clones in mid veg and all my seeds that are germinating! Which are doing amazing by the way :slight_smile: waiting for the last two to pop their shells! But…I love this! Love love loooooooove growing :slight_smile:


So I have run out of bud :frowning: But I saved all my trimmings from the purple kandy so I pulled that bag out and holy crap! That strain was so crystalized that all the trimmings were basically all crystal so now im smoking pure crystals! I swear it almost as good as the bud! Luv it! No wonder my budder turned out so potent! I didn’t know leaf could be this good :wink:


That’s great to hear! :+1:


Monster clones 2 days ago :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:

And now :wink:


@Ozzymomma1, they look brilliant my friend you will have a lot to do keeping you busy but I think like you I would only be more than happy to have them all to look after, and just my option try use cal-mag from the start but not to much as the cal can sometimes cause a lock out off other nutes are all your PH and PPMs readings ok with those beautiful ladies you have there.


Hi @Johnzy81 thanks :wink: All my numbers are good :wink: I’ve never heard of Cal mag before I’ll look into it :slight_smile:


It’s very important to have and it can also be used from the start to
finish in moderation off course less is always more that’s something I keep
remind myself of. Keep Growing :v:


Thanks for posting the 4 topics, already booked marked them.
My name is Bob also. Anyway I’m just starting my 2nd grow in a month, definitely going read all 4 before I start.


Welcome to the forums, Bob! Lots of good stuff and good folks here!


Crap! I’ve over watered my seedlings :frowning: Do you think if I keep them out of the dome and let them dry out they could come back? I made the mistake of making my soil to wet when I put the seedlings in :frowning: I’m so sad…


maybe a gentle breeze would help @Ozzymomma1


@Ozzymomma1 that’s a bol*** mate your best bet would be to have them dry out completely and maybe try add some more heat if possible a heating mat would be perfect hope it works out for you. :v:


I only use spray bottle on sprouts mist couple times a day


My girls! Two weeks before chop day :wink:


Looking beautiful


@Ozzymomma1 they are looking excellent my friend if you have time could you give me a break down on your methods please I know everything has a different way of doing it’s thing, but any off your knowledgeable way off doing a fantastic grow I would be very grateful.


Thanks @Johnzy81 :slight_smile: I use General hydroponics Flora Series with necture, liquid and powdered Koolbloom and big bud. I water, feed, water feed. I also add vitamin B1 to the water. Other than that…just lots of light and lots of luv. Always remember less water is always better than too much.


@Johnzy81 :wink:


Here’s a couple pics of my monster clones…