My 2nd grow! Looking to chat about it ;)


It’s making me crazy, lol! :tongue::yum::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So…my hubby just ordered me some seeds. It wasn’t through ILGM though. We are in BC so he ordered from a Canadian company. Hope that doesn’t offend anyone :wink: I’m Pretty stoked! He got me Blueberry and Hash plant. All Feminized :slight_smile: I should have them in 2 weeks. Hopefully less. So I will have blueberry, pineapple and hash bud! Can’t wait to get started on that!


Just getting ready to put the girls to sleep… couldn’t resist a few bud porn pics…


Grrrr…so frustrating when you live with someone who is 100% old school and has a closed mind! Totally not open to any new school ideas. So discouraging sometimes! I think my girls look great and are doing great! Poopie Head!!


@Countryboyjvd1971 I just seen your post about tagging u. Sorry about that…im. going to take a few updated pics of my clones later :wink:


I know what you mean :+1: and I concur :100:


What new tricks are you wanting to try that they aren’t open to?!


@Ozzymomma1you have the space and looks like you know what you are doing that is a great looking start and you seem to keep it in all nice and tidy areas and clean you will be fine well done lad.


@Ozzymomma1, you do your own thing bro it is all so important for you when it comes too experience for you. The pictures that you have posted are a credit to you just keep going very well done. :v:️:dart::v:


Waahooo! Seeds came in on Monday and are all ready sprouting! Im doing 15 blueberry and 3 hash plant to start! I’ll take some pics later :wink:


sounds great @Ozzymomma1 you’re going to be busy!!!


Two days old :wink:


awesome @Ozzymomma1, a bunch of folks starting seeds…lol
i really :sparkling_heart: blueberry…it does the body good!


I’m pretty excited about it! The crap around here sucks! I plan on having the best of the best :wink:


Ok so I started my seeds by soaking them in distilled water at room temp for 18 hours. Then I put them in between thick layers of paper towel, wet it down with the water and placed in a dark room on top of a cable box. I’ve had to add a tablespoon of water every couple hours. And overnight 7 of the 15 blueberry have sprouted and all three hash!

And so far that’s it… hopefully by the end of the day they will have all sprouted.


Not much…just proper pruning…he’s never pruned before. And doesn’t realize what I am doing is to benefit the plants. Some plants need pruning and some don’t. He doesn’t understand why I would take a leaf off rather than let it fall. Same with stem splitting and monster cropping…he just needs to chill and see the final product! All of it is new to me as well and I’m learning everyday. One thing I definitely come to realize is that all plants are different. With this current grow it will make for four different strains that I have learnt with and each one is completely different. My first grow was two different types of Sativa and currently I have two different types of Indica. Totally different. And that is also something he doesn’t understand…anyway…I just kicked him out and said u aren’t allowed to look at anything til it’s done,lol!


Hahaha! I expect you to tell us later that an old dog can be taught new tricks! Lol.


15 days away from Chop Day!! So close I can almost taste it :wink:


Well here’s my monster clones :slight_smile: They are 33 days old. Maybe a bit behind as I had an issue with my light :frowning: But seem to be happy now :slight_smile:


NOW I know why you were wearing the nail polish . . . to cover your green thumb ! LOL GREAT JOB !