My 2nd grow! Looking to chat about it ;)


All better @TxGrowman and @M4ur :slight_smile: Any with roots are snuggly in their new homes :wink:


So 23 of 24 Monster clones made it :wink: Seem to be happy in their new homes :slight_smile:

All these monster clones are Pineapple Kush :wink:


Who the what the where the hell you taking giving them to. Great job and I hope I’m as successful as you are cloning once I start


LOL @Onlythebest79…these are all mine! I’m very happy they basically all made it! I did split the stems before dipping in rooting powder. And the final one that didn’t make it did have a couple tiny little roots coming from it but it did not look healthy so I just decided 24 Monster clones is plenty!! LOL


WOW! What a difference 27 days make!
From this;

To this;


I love being able to come back to my thread and watch my own plants progress! Too cool! And so much more rewarding to share the experience!! I can’t wait to taste! I have two different strains of skunk going here. One…deaf man’s kush…and two… pineapple kush. And oh man…when you smell the pineapple it literally smells like cutting into a fresh juicy pineapple!


That sounds amazing! Nice work momma :+1:


Hello Im new in town Question it looks like you cut the leaves off square if so why? or are you just practicing to be a moyl :astonished:


No it actually helps the clone root faster. Something to do with the way they transpire


I cut the leaves so there is less for the plant to work on. I want all the energy to go to the stem for rooting, not to the leaves. But you need those leaves to absorb water so u leave half :slight_smile: @Rexx


@Rexx I don’t cut the little tiny leaves…just the bigger ones


Today I switched from liquid Koolbloom to powdered Koolbloom…I’m excited to see how much more dense and juicy it will make my buds! I sure love knowing what all the nutes are for and when and how to use them. I didn’t know anything my first grow. Just did what I remembered others doing. I love it! A gardener and a scientist! Fun!! LOL


I’m going to use nutes for my monster babies…haven’t done that before…I’ve been waiting until I transition to 12/12 to start. It will be interesting to see the difference it does or doesn’t make :slight_smile:


Just wait another opinion on that before you go! Just a thought :+1:


I have researched it quiet a bit…


If you think you are ready… Go for it… :+1:. I do the same way :sweat_smile:, but sometimes my way is not the THE WAY so I need some help from the experts…


Good morning everyone :wink: Just came in the ole woman cave and when I opened the doors…omg the smell of sweet juicy pineapple just take right over! How I wish I could share this smell with all of you! Here’s some close ups of my sweet girls…got love bud porn and coffee first thing in the mornin :wink:

Last two pics are of the deaf man’s kush. Tons and tons of crystals…camera does not do justice. When u look at deaf man’s across the room. It’s looks like a dusting of snow all over them.
God I love how rewarding this all is!!


Bud porn, coffee and bong rips… the trifecta!!! Lol. I am a fan of pineapple strains :+1:


@MattyBear funny thing is…I have been smoking weed 30 years and I’ve never had pineapple! So I’m very excited! I wish my pics would show just how juicy they are


Well they look juicy through my phone and can only imagine the smell is outstanding :+1: