My 2nd grow! Looking to chat about it ;)


@M4ur why would u think I have to pray for the girls to be done in what would now be 5 weeks? :wink: I have them all on a strict schedule! And thanks for the compliment…I’m excited at how well they are doing. Luv my girls!


My monster clones are doing well…I took 24 babies…hope they all make it! So for I see 8 with lil baby roots! I’ll add pic’s when I go wake them up :slight_smile: Looks like Momma is going to have a Monster Crop…so much for just taking a couple like I planned,lol! Should be very interesting :wink:


A bit of a view under regular light

Wish I knew what strain of skunk this is :frowning: Right now it’s a deep skunk with a almost fruity, sweet smell! I could sniff it all day long! So good!


If that ain’t the TRUTH ! ! :us::man_farmer:


Just over 3 weeks into big bud…

This was 9 days ago…


Always my favorite part of the grow! Watching the buds stack up :+1:


I cannot wait to taste!


I’d be more than happy to help you sample :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@MattyBearbif only it were legal for me to send u a lil taste :frowning: One day I’m sure :slight_smile:


Hi @Ozzymomma1 I just got a chance to go over your grow and you do indeed have a green thumb. This is an awesome second grow. I am very interested to see how your monster clones come out. Keep up the good work. Jerry :us::man_farmer:


I feel it makes it even better when you have grown it yourself…u know what was used…u know what’s in it…u no it isn’t laced with fentanyl! It’s flushed so clean! Everyone in these parts is always in such a rush and don’t care about a full flush or drying out completely…nevermind curing! Anything u get from the dispensaries over here burns black as coal, hurts your throat, gives u headaches! And all the crystal has been taken off! And u pay through the dang roof! So when my stuff is ready…it is the best around! Not to u know…toot my in horn here but…it really is :slight_smile:


@TxGrowman thanks :slight_smile: I will add pics of my monster babies soon :wink:


A couple pics of my monster babies…still a bit rough around the edges but there are now 10 with roots so they seem to be happy…


If i was you I will put that in a bigger house :+1:
100% successfully?


They look great :+1:


you’ve got to respect a gardener with great looking nails…lol
my grandmother being one…lol


Thanks @BIGE and lol! Excuse the Polish,lol! It’s off now…doesn’t last long on these puppies…


@M4ur I was thinking if giving them a bigger living space but should I wait until they are all rooted and then do them all at the same time or does it matter?


I’m not a expert on this but when I see roots I’m thinking to a completely dark and wet medium! I also think you can keep them like a day or two but is your choice :+1:.
And I will also spray them whit water :sweat_drops: another day or two :v:


Agree with @M4ur They are ready to go to the new home, those roots look healthy ! ! Timing is largely on your time schedule for doing them. I do not have a job anymore so if I had my choice, I would get 'em in soil when they are ready. Your Monster Clones are doing very well. Good Job !