My 2nd grow! Looking to chat about it ;)


Ok…I have questions about scroging.

What is the purpose?
Do you have to countinuosly move it or does it stay in one spot the whole time?
What do you do when it’s time to harvest?

Thanks in advance everyone :slight_smile: I never even heard of it until joining.


I’m wondering why a few of my plants look like this.They all get exact same everything everytime and it’s only around 5 or 6 of them?? Any thoughts?..


Do you feed her right? Take a look on the back of a leaf whit a magnifier maybe you have bugs but I don’t think that… Just a thought…


The purpose of a scrog is to train your plant to grow horizontally, allowing the lower bud sites to grow upwards. So instead of the “Christmas tree” looking plant you have a flatter canopy which utilizes more of your light and space. It’s very effective if vertical space is an issue.


Good morning everyone :wink: I have ANOTHER question for yah,lol! Is it true that if you fim ur plants your buds turn out smaller than if u just topped them or didn’t cut at all???


Some plants grow very tall and that is true they will grow a nice big main cola. But if you are growing indoors you only have so much height that they can grow. I did a Gold Leaf SCROG. I fimmed and topped her and harvested over a pound of MJ 500+ Grams. It dried to just over 4 ounces or about 125 grams.


Here is more info on all of that!


Advanved Growing Techniques- Bigger yields



Hope this helps!


Question; I hope this doesn’t sound silly but…when taking monster clones…do u take ones that have the pistols like this one?


Well here we go! Day 1 Monster Skunk Clones. Fingers crossed they work :wink:


I was so nervous to go into my closet and see if the girls made it through the night and they did! They look great! This is my first time ever taking clones nevermind monster clones so I am really hoping they work out :slight_smile: Here’s their home :slight_smile:


Yes! @Ozzymomma1


Just over 2 weeks into big bud and 5 weeks away from harvest :wink:


You need to pray everyday if you want her to finish in 5 weeks lol… You can’t rush nature trust me :slight_smile:


I was wrong…I’m 6 weeks away :wink:


Some people like a bowl of soup for lunch…not me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I like me a fat bowl of Purple Kandy!!


I love the way I feel after my first joint… I wake up easily and everything is getting better :sunglasses:


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Girls are coming together very nicely :slight_smile:

And I’m luvin all the hairs! WOW!!


This is soo great, I love your grow…again : El Dorado !
Wonderful job !!! :wink::wink::wink:


Amazing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, I don’t know what you are doing but continue please :relieved: