My 2nd grow! Looking to chat about it ;)


Wow @bob31 I just looked into the fabric pots and dam are they cheap!! I wish I didn’t spend what I did on my soft plastic pots! I may have to make the switch and suck up what I paid for the ones im currently using. I would love to be able to wash them in the washer. That way all contaminates,if any, are gone for the new girls…pain in the butt cleaning the other ones


The fabric pots are the way to go! On Amazon you can get a pack of 5pots for under $20US but I’m not sure what you can get your hands on in Australia. Btw I have family in Melbourne! Cheers!:+1:


@MattyBear I am in British Columbia…on Vancouver Island :slight_smile: They charge $2.10 each for 5g which is the size I am currently using :slight_smile:


My bad I thought you were in Australia lol. You are actually pretty close to me! I’m in the greater Seattle area :+1:


Order that ph meter! Drops are nowhere near as accurate. Pro mix wants to be a little higher than coco IIRC at around 6.2 but @Countryboyjvd1971 uses the same stuff. He’ll know.


psssssst, @bob31 is trying to get somebody beat down…lol
my wife would climb the wall and land on my head if i did that! lol
i take mine outside and wash them with water hose …likea good boy…
geeez bob …lol


Lol @BIGE I was just thinking about how my washer would like that…could be a bad thing… LOL


last round i put pots into my wheelbarrow added water and agitated with an old broom handle to knock all of the salts or buildup out…


I just washed 2 5 gallon pots and a 3 gallon pot with no issues. Of Course my wife was not home. I’m no fool. I hosed them down first. (In the kitchen sink, lol) @BIGE @Ozzymomma1


Lol @bob31 she will find out sooner or later :joy: and you will have to give some explanation for the dirt and tiny roots :joy:
Good luck my friend :+1:


Good thing in my case I am the wife!! Haha!! No one gonna say nuthin to this girl,lol! @M4ur @bob31


I figured by the username you might be! LOL @Ozzymomma1 :smiley::palm_tree::v::+1:


This is Oz…aka Ozzy! @bob31


Oz turned 2 yesterday :slight_smile: :birthday::gift::tada:


Ahhh Ozzy! Gotcha. @Ozzymomma1 You’re gonna have to come hangout in the “Garden” Lots of dogs there!


@bob31 he’s a bit of a meat head…mind of his own! And at 120lbs…he’s not mean at all but he gets soooo excited around other dogs and he’s so big solid and heavy I’m scared he will land on another dog and crush them,lol! Cant wait until he chills more :wink: He’s the biggest lover boy around. Loves everything but cats. He used to like cats until he got beat up by the same one 3 separate times, lol! Such a big mean tough pitbull…gets his ass kicked by a small cat…more than once! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow 120 pounds he’s a big boy. As much as my two labs combined! @Ozzymomma1

Cats can kick butt. I have two that keep my dogs on line!


Happy Birthday Oz! Great looking pup!


Wow! Woke up the girls this morning and BAM! They are starting to smell! And dam is it going to be strong! Super stoked I have my can filter!!


Funny, I absolutely love the smell. But it makes my wife want to gag! lol @Ozzymomma1