My 2nd grow! Looking to chat about it ;)


Strain; Skunk, Clones

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? Soil in 5g plastic soft pots

System type?

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? Runoff

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS I use nutes but am new to the whole strength thing, meaning I have no clue how to answer this one,lol

Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor

Light system: 4 600w hps

Temps; Day 75°-80° Night steady 70°

Humidity; Day 66-68%, Night around 65%

Ventilation system; I have 2 18’ fans on low all day. I use my can-filter not only for smell but to help with heat and humidity.

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier; I do not use these…I am in a garage which I have completely wrapped in black and white poly but I did not seal the garage door and put a few strategic flaps/holes around the room the allow fresh air in as I need. Everything is dialed right in. It might not be beautiful but it works like a hot dam! And I’m dam proud of it :slight_smile:

Co2; not at the moment…I am going to be purchasing the pellets very soon though…


What kind of soil?




This kind of soil :slight_smile:


pro-mix hp is a soiless growing medium @Ozzymomma1 which means the ph of the water you give should be at like 5.8

Do you have one of these?


I use this…and it’s sitting right around 5.8


I do plan on getting a digital tester really soon


ok as long as you promise @Ozzymomma1 :grinning::palm_tree::+1::v:


As for nutes…I am using this…


GH are good nutrients @Ozzymomma1

I haven’t used the others


I promise @bob31,lol! The ones i seen we’re $80 and $15 for the strips…so I figured the drops are better than nothing for now. I’m actually really lucky and my pH is really good so far. I check all the time :slight_smile:


Ok if things start getting a little out of wack the more exact numbers you get from the meters could keep you from getting nervous. The =/- of .5 with those test kits is a bit to wide of a margin of error, so please keep that promise. I know it is difficult to find that stuff in your part of the world so hopefully you can find one that is affordable! @Ozzymomma1


I love the big bud! And this will be the first time I’ve used the nectar. Just to be clear…yes this is my 2nd grow. But I grew up with everyone around me growing. So I have been part of many grows. Just never had my own. I’ve always paid attention but never was around for the nutrients part of it. I’ve never had to worry about anything and just enjoy the easy part,lol. Funny thing is…I find it all easy as I go. I’ve always had a green thumb so…I’m luvin it :slight_smile:


You sound like a good fit! I did my first grow in the mid 1970’s, lol. Just got back into it a year ago. I had to comply with drug testing requirements prior to my retirement so now I’m back to my roots! lol.

Growing is good fun! Harvesting then drying and curing is the slowest time I ever encountered!

After a couple of grows its like falling off a bicycle! LOL @Ozzymomma1


I’m so convinced by @bob31 that I have one sitting in my Amazon cart now and I won’t start growing for another few months :rofl:


If I was Santa I would deliver a new pH meter to every member of the ILGM Forums!

:santa: :christmas_tree: :thermometer: @SmoknGranny


I know you would :hugs:


I could always use an extra Santa Bob @bob31 lmao


I have a question…I could Google it but the search results would bring me to this page anyway so I might as well just ask. Those soft (fabric) pots I see peeps using…are they reusable? @bob31
@M4ur. @MattyBear



Yes! Shake them out really good and then wash them in the washing machine! They work great too. Prevent overwatering and easy to tell when they need to be watered! I wouldn’t grow in anything else for growing in soil or other similar growing mediums.


Cool! I’m definitely going to have to look into that. What do they cost? I know it will be different here…if I can even get them. I’ve never looked :slight_smile: