My 2nd Grow. First Journal

I learned so much from my first grow which is still curing. One thing I did notice is that I forgot a lot of little things because wasn’t writing them down. Hopefully, this journal will fix that and keep me on top of more things.

Currently germinating seeds for 7 autos. I’ll list strains once I see which germinated succesfuly.

4x4 Gorilla Shorty with extension setup in a walking closet.
2 HLG 300L Rspec & UVA bar
8inch AC Infinity exhaust
6inch AC Infinity intake
42inch tower fan & 3 6inch fans for circulation
6 to 7 fabric pots (5 gallon)
Temps: tested with no plants. Holding @78F.
Bluelab PH pen & TDS meter

I plan on starting them in solo cups of Happy Frog and then transplanting into 5 gallon pots of Ocean Forest. I have the FF Trio but open to other brands and types of nutrients.

First grow was in a 2x4 with a 600watt blurple. I upgraded to a 300L Rspec the last 3 weeks of flower. I hope to get even better results this time. Any tips, advice, and suggestions are welcome. Pics coming soon!


You will definitely see a difference this round. Better growth and development all around. You won’t be disappointed.
I’ll follow along in your journal, and we love pictures!


I have four of the 300 LR specs beautiful lights you will love them

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First update:
Seeds dropped into solo cups of Happy Frog on June 22nd. Domes added until they break the surface. One 300L at 30 inches set to 60 watts. Tent temps 75-77.

2 Blue Dream from ILGM
1 Green Crack from Fastbuds
1 Cinderella Jack from Dutch Passion
1 Pineapple Express from Fastbuds
1 Ripley’s OG from Mephisto
1 LSD-25 from Fastbuds

Last pic just to show inside of tent. I won’t need the second rspec until they the girls go into 5 gallon pots.
The Pineapple Express already popped up. The Cinderella Jack broke the surface but was growing horizontally under a stick from the soil. I uncovered it and hopefully it will recover. Up close pics once the others are through the surface.

Checked on the plants and took these.

Pineapple Express

The Cinderella Jack is already starting to stand up. Does the tip of the plant look normal at this stage? This is the plant that was growing on its side trapped under a stick.


Nice setup so far! I love my square farmer trays too. I just scrubbed mine down for the next batch and bought 5 more. I have 5 trays now but plan on doing 6 this run so… math(s) I basically have the same size tent and light. Im using the 600 rspec with a uva bar in a 4x4. Wishing you success and will be tagging along!

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End of Week 1 Update:

A few changes since my last update. Made a few mistakes but learning. The Cinderella Jack that was upside down, didnt survive. The Green Crack germinated but didnt survive in soil. Also, I’ve been unable to germinate any Blue Dream seeds from IGLM. I’ve tried 7 of 10 so far. Unfortunate, as these are replacements for the AK-47s from them that didnt germinate. The Sour Diesel and Super Skunks I have from them have germinated first try each time so far. GSC and Orange Sherbet from Fastbuds placed in cup of water to germinate on July 3rd. Noticed some sawtooth leaves 2 days ago. Light raised to 30 inches. Plants on 18/6 schedule.

Tent is 75-77F. RH 63%
300L Rspec at 100watts and 30 inches 215ppfd
Girls fed 3 ounces of 6.5ph water when soil is dry which is around every 3 days now.

Ripley’s OG broke soil June 24th

Pineapple Express broke soil June 24th

LSD-25 broke soil June 24th. Does this leaf look like bugs eating it or mutation?

Gorilla Glue 4 broke soil June 30th

Sour Diesel broke soil June 30th

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The LSD-25 is growing but the leaves look deformed. They look like they have been eaten but they have always looked this way, just bigger now. So I don’t think it is fr bugs. No sign of them anywhere thankfully. The other girls are planted in the same batch of soil and watered from the same source. Only the LSD-25 Looks this way. Does anyone know what it is from or should I be concerned? 13 days old.


They’ll grow out of it. No worries.

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I had one do the same, different strain but she is doing fine and trucking along and will be transplanted soon. You can see some of her leaves didn’t fully grow out and others were off shaped.

End of week 2 update:
Girls are growing well. Transplanted the Ripley’s OG, Pineapple Express, & LSD-25 just before lights out. They were droopy but I’m guessing that was because lights out was in 30 minutes. Girl Scout Cookies & Orange Sherbet broke soil on July 8th & 9th. Transplant went well I think. Only 1 plant had the roots move slightly. It is my first time watering a small plant in a large pot. Not sure how much water I should be using at this point. The transplanted girls watered with 16 ounces of water each. I’ll see how long it takes to dry out the pot.

300L Rspec’s running at 30 inches. 225ppfd avg.
78F 60RH


I think I’m seeing. Calcium deficiency starting to show. These were transplanted 2 days ago from solo cups of Happy Frog into 5 gallon pots of Ocean Forest. These two also were a little droopy for 36 hours after transplant but perked up today. They are 2 1/2 weeks old since breaking soil. Is it too soon to start giving them some calmag? I watered 2 days ago and they do not need any water. Would watering again with calmag be better or wait a few days for the pots to dry out?

End of week 3 update:
Transplanted the Sour Diesel and Gorilla Glue over the weekend. I’m getting better with the transplanting. They seem affected less each time. The girls started showing what I think was a calcium deficiency. I think I underestimated how fast they would use up the nutes in such a small container. Added 3ml/gal of calmag and they all started to bounced back in a day or so. Topped the three oldest. Lowered the light to 24 inches and delivering approximately 400ppfd to the larger plants.

Orange Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookies 9 days old

Sour Diesel & Gorilla Glue a little droopy post transplant but bouncing back.

Ripley’s OG looks like it is going to be a compact plant. Before and after topping.

Pineapple Express before and after

LSD-25 before and after. She is also showing signs of pre-flower.

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Is this a case of the soil being too hot for the size of the plant? Sour Diesel transplanted from a solo cup of Happy Frog 2 days ago into 5 gallon pot of Ocean Forest. She looked like what appeared to be early signs of calcium deficiency (as most of the other did at this age). I fed it the same 6.5 ph’ed water with calmag (3mg/gal) as I did the others. It was 3 liters. Maybe I soaked the soil and made things a little too hot for her. The other 4 plants perked right up doing the same thing. Today when the lights came on she looked like this. The pic in the post above this shows the same plant yesterday. What could have caused this? @Covertgrower

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Possible she was getting root bound and you transplanted in time. The new growth on top looks good, so continue watering and feeding.
They go through a little transplant shock sometimes, but they figure it out in a week.


You were right. She was a bit root bound and surprised me on how much growth she had over the last couple of days before I transplanted her. One root started to turn brown where it exited the bottom of the clear solo cup by about 3 inches. About 24 hours after you posted she rebounded and shot up fast.

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End of week 4 update.
The LSD-25, PIneapple Express, and Ripley’s OG have started flowering. I was hoping for a little longer veg but part of the game with autos. The Pineapple Express grew 4 inches in 2 days! LST has begun for these 3 ladies. I’ll do probably do some defol next week especially with the Ripley’s OG. The Ripley is a very compact plant. I wasnt sure whether to do my usual way of training or try ponytailing it. The Sour Diesel bounced back from being a litte root bound. She and the Gorilla Glue started showing signs of preflower 2 days ago. They are a little smaller than I hoped for this stage but they still have time to grow. I tried these LST clips on the pineapple express. The bend seems a little on the aggressive side at 90 degrees. Maybe it was my technique but it turned into more of a supercropping with support than a consistent curve. She is happy with it and was perked up this morning already. The Ripleys is definitely too compact to use the clips so I’m just going to stick with the twist tie downs.

Lights readjusted to 24 inches. I’ll wait for all to start flowering before I work the lights down to 18inches. 450ish ppfd to the trained girls. 350ish ppfd to the others.

This means the plant is female correct? LSD-25

Pineapple Express before and after LST

Ripley’s OG after LST

LSD-25 before and after LST


Female indeed. Win!


I’m so glad we got this back to growing well. Posts like this validates time spent here. I want everyone to succeed, because cannabis is important to so many people, and I want nothing more than everyone to be successful. Happy growing.


End of Week Six Update:
I missed last week’s update. So much has changed in two weeks! All of the girls have been transplanted and are in flower. This was the first time transplanting as I experimented on times/techniques. The Sour Diesel had a little shock from waiting too long but bounced back fast. The Girl Scout Cookies however did not. I have no idea what I did to her but she started flowering at the gigantic height of 4inches. I’m letting the Orange Sherbet grow naturally. I will probably just open up the branches a little as it grows. My Ripley’s OG is a touchy plant. She doesnt like LST at all and is much more sensitive to light levels. Her leave will droop hard with anything I’ve tried so far. She perks up within a couple of hours of leaving her alone. I’m figuring her out. My Pineapple Express is by far my largest plant.

Removed some fan leaves I was unable to tuck. Cleaned out the bottoms and installed a net a couple days ago to help fill in the canopy.

Center Row: LSD-25, Pineapple Express, Ripley’s OG. 6 weeks old

Left Side: Gorilla Glue & Sour Diesel. 5 weeks old

Right Side: Girl Scout Cookies & Orange Sherbet. 4 weeks old

Girl Scout Cookies

Orange Sherbet


Pineapple Express

Ripley’s OG

Gorilla Glue

Sour Diesel