My 2nd grow. Aww, the smell of weed

Hello everyone,

I’ve been lurking on the site for some time now but decided to enlist into this forum to gain some knowledge as I continue my grow. I’m keeping it simple.

1000w bulb MH/HPS
Bubble buckets
Bubble bucket CO2
General Hydro nutes
Room 5x12ish

I’m 2 and half weeks in Veg mode with full nutes. Plan on flipping to 12/12 next week but not sure how much more of the bottom and the fan leaves to take off. There are some pretty big FL if I say so myself. I can take better pics but here is an overall shot. I also need to mention I have a light mover moving that 1000watts

From back to front

Chronic Widow (clone)
Jack Herer
Girls Scout Cookies XTreme

Looking forward to any input you all feel like sharing.


Lookin good @Weedme welcome to the neighborhood, your plants look to be happy :blush:


Glad you decided to start posting, welcome officially :call_me_hand:t3::v::bear:

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Thanks for the welcome.

Looking forward to sharing the rest of my grow. I’m at the fun stage now. Flipping the light this week. Doing a final trim Veg trim tomorrow and flipping after they have had some time to recover.

All the seeds and the clone are from ILGM

I’ll update with weekly photos, height, and girth growth. I have pistils showing :yum:

So I have a question. Does lumens per square foot pertain when you’re using a light mover? Logic tells me no but I really don’t know squat in most areas and little in some. I’ve been reading a lot and have questions on a future grow room but I’ll start another thread later for that topic.


Welcome nice looking grow. Have no idea about your question lol. @dbrn32 @Covertgrower @MattyBear might answer that.

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Still applies, but coverage still works better than a mover.

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A light mover doesn’t increase your light density any. The advantage of using a mover comes from the constantly moving light source changing angles and places at which light hits your canopy. You have to remember that anywhere the light moves to there is also a location that it moves from. Too long of travel on a mover can make a whole grow fluffy. So it’s best not to make it cover too far beyond capabilities of the light.


Hi all,

Sorry for not keeping up but it’s been hectic. I won’t bore you with my details and just get straight to my point.

I’m 2 weeks and 5 days into flowering and feel decent progress is being made. I’ve been reading a lot across all forums but only want to seek advice from here. I’ve learned a lot about what I don’t want to do on my next grow etc etc.

So my conundrum. Although I feel like movers are beneficial, I feel that my area is just too long to make it worth it. That being said, I want to add more light for the remaining 5-6 weeks. I know this topic is beat to death and I’ve been reading extensively but still would like some info on what would work for what I need .

This room is temporary. My next grow room will be built from the ground up with no limits on setup but that’s for another thread. The reason I bring it up is I want to do perpetual growing and want to add an LED light to this grow that I could use for just vegging in the future or if it’s just better to get a more flowering LED?

As you can see in the pics. The back two are jack herer and GSCX and then TW and CW. I want to keep the hps on the JH and GSCX and use the leds on the other two. Kind of split the room in two. I don’t mind spending some cash on a light that’s going to help me with my next room. I do know that I won’t be using this light for flowering in the future. I’ll be stepping up the light game after this grow substantially. Like HLG or California lightworks solar, hortilux. Unless, someone wants to mentor me on how to make "commercial " lights for personal use. But I’m not ready for that yet haha.

I just changed out the water so they might appear droopy. Overall, I’m happy. I know they are stretched a bit but they’ll do.


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Oh, I’m guessing by the looks of it. Something for a 4x4 area will do


What’s your opinion please?

You can get an led fixture that is specifically for veg, or you can get one that it pretty well balanced and use for both. Make no difference to me really, just a decision you will have to make before you buy. A good 300-400 watt led fixture will veg a 4x4 nicely. For flowering you would want more like 500-600 watt light of same quality. Horticulture lighting group is popular for higher end led stuff. But there are several other good led companies too.

So today marks 3 weeks of flowering.

If you’re interested in numbers, here ya go. This is from day 0 to day 21

TW went from 22 inches to 46 1/2 days inches
JH 16 inches to 22 inches
CW 29 inches to 46 inches
GSCX 21 1/2 inches to 34 1/2 inches

I would agree that light movers are better meant for smaller areas. There’s no question I should have had at least 2 lights in a this room. Definitely makes me wonder what they could have looked like if they just had constant stationary light raining down on them.

So I did invest in another light. I went with the HLG 600r it will be here Thursday and I’m putting it in immediately when the lights come on at 7.

I couldn’t have the most uneven canopy right now. 2 plants short and 2 tall. I will be learning to scrog on my next grow. I’ve learned less is more.

The HPS will be good for the short ones and since the HLG can be dimmed, I will use it on the tall ones although it’s still won’t be the idea canopy height.

Looking forward to seeing what having another light will bring!!

Light is hung.

JH and GSCX is under the HPS and CW and TW are under the leds.

Today is day 23 from the flip. I’m curious and excited about having another light source in there. All the plants are getting constant light.

I have the HLG at 50%. I’ll keep a watch and raise it one notch everyday. I need to get a par meter. I have an app on my phone for the time being. We want our light at the canopy to 926 PPFD correct?

Here are some reference pics. So I’ve gone from a 1000w HPS on a light mover covering four plants over the length of 14 feet to a HPS covering 2 and the leds covering 2. My question is this. What happens to the 2 inner plants that are going to be getting a little bit of both lights?

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