My 24 day old White Widow


This is a picture of my White Widow plant. To me it looks good but, what do I know. This is my first plant. I know I should do certain things for a high yield but, I don’t want to do anything to kill it. If I just let it grow will I only get one flowering stalk?


You can top it to get two tops (probably should), but trust me, it will branch all over the place :slight_smile:


Loved my ww grow great choice bud .


I femmed mine


I think I fimmed one by mistake, which is how it got it’s name :slight_smile:


An example of my 6 white widows. Topped once and I bet there are over 200 bud sites.


Yeah bud play with them they are tougher than people think as long as you keep in proper ph levels and don’t over feed them they bounch right back

This is what I did to the girls the other day and this is what they looked like today they recover quickly


I’m not brave enough to do anything other than keep bending them under the scrog net. Next time :slight_smile:


That’s a good looking WW!
Does anybody else see a little canoeing going on there?
Might want to back your light away just a little bit.


I just got my ww seeds I am growing in and arrow garden with a 45watt led Hood it’s my first hido grow looking to here any advice thanks ILGM Robert your the best


If you mean mine, I think they’re okay. The light is already a little higher than the mfg says just for that reason. I do keep an eye on it though.


If you just let it grow you"ll get something that looks like this

That’s straight up and 5ft -8" tall
You"d be better off with some LST , bending and topping, very easy to do, check out “My small grow thingy” by @Givemefire,and " The art of the Bender" by@Soilgrowth


Show off :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: @FyshhTrap
Hahaha those are nice bro springs getting closer :+1:


Hell yeah brother​:palm_tree::palm_tree::palm_tree:


Awesome FyshhTrap>>>Well Done