My 1st year


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All thumbs way up!!!


Very nice! Thanks for sharing :smiley: I am so envious of you folks who can grow outside in your back yard. :slight_smile:


Latewood, You can grow outside also just come to California plant them in my backyard and Voila you can have your outdoor grow and I can have my own personal Guru to teach me not to mention the best bud in town! lol


Be careful what you wish for :mrgreen: Thanks for the nice sentiment. Northern, or Southern Cali? :slight_smile:


Southern, San Bernardino to be exact.


I used to have an affiliate account with Better Grow Hydro; There. I have friends there, from my years at CannabisDOT, The Grow Report, etc…etc…

San B’ is IMO, the West Coast equivalent to my area, on the East Coast; Agriculturally. We can all grow the maximum amount of different Cultivars.:slight_smile:


This is one of my first plants. Any advice on the brown tips would be appreciated. Believe it is a defiency just not quite sure after reading so many articles. Thanks Raspbeary


answered here: