My 1st SOG CaliDream attempt

In week 4 of flower, they recieved watering with light feed today.

REEAAALLLYYY love the smell of this California Dream…top 2 ever probably along side of Cherry Pie.

Can not wait to partake🥰


Week 6 of flower. No giant main colas yet…maybe a few building.
[Uploading: 20210703_083540.jpg…]
Went straight water last week, was going to do a feed this morning but looks like they are still pretty heavy. They have a day or 2 yet.

Still working on this RO system. First one was delivered but while researching installation, realized I need one with a booster pump since I’m on well water. The new one with pump is on the way and got it for cheaper even with a holiday sale. It’s a Nu Aqua 6 stage. I’d like to get a whole house filter next, so water coming into the RO system is pre filtered and easier on the system.

There are some hard water issues I think. Had to defoliate quite a bit with dried up leaves. I thought maybe was nute burn at first. But I’ve got some showing up in my subsequent 1gal tent and thay haven’t received any nutrients yet.

Over all looking good.

The struggle is real over here. Can’t post any pics, Verizon decided to suck on the holiday weekend.

Had a pipe burst in the well and ruin a couple filters which is why the hard water issues btw

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Week 8 of flower started yesterday…might need to do a staged harvest…some of these are getting real close


Will be doing a watering later today…after I finish taking some cuttings from the mothers

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Week 9 of flower starts today.
So some of these have matured faster than others…I’m thinking of taking the ones like this and throwing them in a different tent for a day or so of darkness then chopping.

What do u think?

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Kinda tough to say without a magnified shot of the trics

Just pulled a lil less than a third of the tray into a separate tent for a day of darkness before chop

RO water is flowing, should have done one of these from the beginning

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