My 1st SOG CaliDream attempt

So figured I might as well journal my first attempt at a SOG.

Just potted them last night from cuttings taken from my mothers.
Running FFOF with FF nutes
Strain is California Dream from ILGM
2 gallon pots
4x4 tray in a 5x5 tent
Currently vegging under a Phlizon Pro px4 quantum board for a minimum of 2weeks will add a 2nd px4 for flowering.
Looking for at least 1oz per plant yield or at least learn how to get there from this grow.


Oh nice CO2 delivered right after I posted


Nearly all of these were rooted clones…several shriveled after planting…most will come back. I usually get 80% or better to eventually go even if not rooted when I plant…hope these do the same :crossed_fingers:

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Whoa, you have a great looking field of green. Good luck and happy growing. :rofl: :bat:

Don’t mind me if I tag along would love to see and watch this grow flourish like crazy haha

Nice I was just reading up about SOG …it said you should use strains with shorter flower times but what is considered a short enough flower time to be considered viable for a SOG?:thinking:

Well you can sog anything if you dont care about timing, if your doing perpetual an eight week strain is perfect with 4 waves so your able harvest every 2 weeks.
I’ve chosen to keep everything 9 weeks or less right now. I did a regular grow with girl scout cookies extreme which was a ten week strain a couple of grows ago…if the 9 weekers start to annoy me for some reason I may go to an 8 week but it really reduces your strain options

I will be tagging along man looks sick! Love the SOG method this is my goal eventually. Good luck I’ll be watching.

I am very intrigued with this technique and definitely see myself attempting it…but I will probably wait till after my 2nd grow to try it. Yeah that’s what I was thinking, kinda seems it would limit the strains that would do good with it

So how do you check runoff ppm’s and ph on all those during the grow?

It’s soil, so I don’t check the runoff. As for PH the soil is a buffer.
I’m using well water double filtered with a couple of RV water filters.

Water comes out of my tap at like 7.8. If I’m adding nutes it usually comes down enough where I don’t have to PH. I’ll PH down when giving straight water tho.

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So one of my weaknesses is cloning, due mostly to inexperience…I’m getting a bit better with time…but I’ve got to get it dialed in. I’ve heard it stated and I can tell it can make or break your grow.

I’m going to lose several of these that I just planted. I think at least part of the reason is that it took me like 8hrs to plant all these. I even had to leave once for an hour during to go get more ocean forest. I get about 7, 2gal pots per bag I see… Next time I’ll keep them misted and under the light for the entire time it takes to plant.

Luckily I’ve got back up from a previous test run that is still vegging, so we will end up with a full tray for sure. :partying_face:

Then Goin forward when it’s time to plant after the 10 day rooting process and after I’ve got my tray full, ill use small seedling bags to to plant the rest and throw them in a 2x4 tent as back up so I always end up with a full tray.


So I’m pondering my lighting.

These are what I’m currently running. Certainly not top tier when it comes to ppfd but I love how cool they run and how efficient they run and this house doesn’t have central air.

Planning on running two of them, 240w per from the wall, at 12" over the 4x4 tray. How do you guys think they will perform?

I also have a few of their 3000w Cree COB lights that run like 615w from the wall each…they are beasts but they put out lotsa heat comparatively and I don’t want to stress anything into hermie, I imagine that would be a sog disaster.

What do you guys think?

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Removed all the stragglers and replaced with back up clones that were already in veg. Plan an flipping around 12 inches.


After the transplant I watered them all as well…go babies go!

The ones I have left for back up are in 10x8 seedling bags…thinking about just flipping them…kinda concerned they will be too close together…thinking I can probably pull it off tho


This tent was previously a mother tent and had only a 4 inch fan in it…and that was certainly way under powered for this application.

That’s no longer an issue…we have an 8 inch now :grin:

Decided to switch out two more from back up for the weakest two.

Except for a fan or two this tent is locked and loaded…as long as my lighting doesn’t disappoint!

Now we water as needed and wait to flip :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

So I’ve got the back up tent flipped and added a second px4. I don’t have a par meter so lux is the best we have at the moment. Not to shabby as it doesn’t measure IR light so that’s there as well. I don’t think we are pushing the limits of light saturation…any new lights I purchase in the future will be leaning that way tho

First watering since transplant.
Looks pretty veggie :grin:

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