My 1st Grow , unknown strain, on a budget, it can be done!


Ok so i couldnt actually physically wait untill my new scope came so i did the best with the one i have…not tooo shoddy. Cant wait to get a better look with the scope iv ordered :slight_smile: tad excited over here guys and gals :joy: im still seeing clear tricomes but the pistils are getting browner as the days go on…eeeek! Im getting all nervous and filling my head with sooo much knowledge, i actually dont think i have written so much in my whole life with the note book im keeping! :joy:

Without furthur adue i bring you my sheilas…

Week6 day2 since switch, will my buds fatten up? Im hoping so…:slight_smile:


Yes, they will fatten up. They look great.


Excellent thank you :slight_smile:
Im feeling so many things right now, i know i have to keep a lid on it as im not out the woods yet.

Im loving this side of ‘gardening’ tho :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I’m really glad you’re enjoying the grow, most people are too worried to enjoy it. It is fun. :grinning:


Damn straight it is :slight_smile:

Its been so hard not to tell anyone so when i came across this forum i was sooo thankful, i could tell someone, anyone, everyone!!
Yes i can see why some may get worried but then the law is kinda easing up on certain amounts and if its personal or not :+1: I will only ever do 3/4 plants at a time, that way classed as personal, i would however be gutted if i ever did get found out…they would take the lot :cry::cry::cry:


Just getting started


I was hoping for a comment like that :wink: they do have loads of white pistils still so i know i got a way to go :slight_smile:


Nice grow @Wildwest !

Sativas or sativa dominant hybrids tend have longer flowering periods. They probably have 3-4 weeks to go. Just keep doing what you’re doing.


Thank you @arcticGrow :slight_smile: 3-4weeks? Aww ok my timescale is a little off then. Lol. I know shes not ready from the pistils but i dont wanna miss ‘peak’ harvest. New to this so just keep looking at my tricomes daily :joy:

Alot of TLC i can do that :slight_smile:


Soòoo when i woke i checked on my girls as i always do :slight_smile: iv noticed afew patches and afew brown/crispy tips. I had nute burn awhile back and have been watering only @ph 6.8/7.0 for about 3weeks now, run off is around 6.3/6.4 i thought it would have cleared up by now??
Saying that…
Iv also read that the girls will use up whats in the leaves in the last few days/weeks of harvest, could it be that??

Im a little nervous i dont want to run into problems now :frowning:


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Please see post/pics above



Nutrient Burn will clear up, but only in new growth.
The affected leaf’s will not and you can do one of two things.
1.) clip off tips
2.) remove affected leaf
That’s it. So no worries my friend.



no worries I can see @Wildwest


Thats cleared that up then @garrigan65 @Sasquatch thank you so very much for puttin my mind at ease, have a splendid day :slight_smile:


They really are looking good.

You asked about them fattening up. I also notice how much attention you are paying to the color changes in the pistils. Let me help you understand what you are looking for in a different way.

Your pistils emerge from the calyx. The calyx is where all the good stuff will be happening. As you enter into late flowering, those calyx will begin to swell with oils, preparing to make seeds.

As they swell, your pistils will appear to get smaller. This is an effect caused by the plant searching for pollen to make those seeds. Without that pollen, they just swell with even more beneficial oils.

I say all this to help you understand why I don’t worry about trichome coloration until after I notice that swelling.

Trichomes build, degrade and get replaced throughout the plants adult life. Even before the calyx begin to swell, you will see amber trichs. Don’t let her fool you.

Once the swelling of late flower begins, a whole fresh new batch of clear trichomes will show up! This will be your final coverage that you will want to keep an eye on.

Just be patient and watch to see that what I’m telling you is true. I’m hoping that it will also help ease your concerns about missing that “sweet spot” for harvest.

Plus, only you will be able to determine what “sweet spot” is best for you for individual strains. Each one has different effects at different maturity levels.

Enjoy what you have coming…


Thank you so much for that information, i have as you said just been looking at colour changes in trics and pistils so yes she could have fooled me big time! So its the calyx im looking for yes? Waiting for them to swell then check my trics yes? and as they wont find pollen they wont produce seeds right?

I say this about the ‘sweet spot’ as i have no clue what strains these are, so im guessing someone can roughtly guide me down the right path in when to chop :slight_smile:

I thank you and your different insight on this i will check her calyx at lights on :slight_smile:


Correct, no pollen no seed.

She grows in a predominantly sativa fashion, so that’s how I would judge her. The flower time will be longer with a more cerebral high. If you want couchlock from her, I would suggest a 50/50 mix of cloudy/amber. That means a longer flower period past max THC.

Hope that helps, dinner is done…


Good day to you sir (i hope your a sir) :joy:

So i have spotted her calyx, some are bigger than others, Am i on the right track? :slight_smile:

I did give a bud or two a gentle squeeze and she is feeling/smelling gorgeous :heart_eyes: cant wait to get my lungs around it :wink:

Tomorrow (27-5-18) will mark day1 of week7.


Definitely a man! Lol

The ones at the branch junction aren’t important for judging harvest. Yes, the ones that form the buds are what you should be paying attention to for trichomes.

Looking good, just need more time…


I thought as much :slight_smile:

Ahh yeah i spotted them was just really hard getting a decent shot, my camera is shattered :confused:
I will be getting a 60/100x scope soon as the postie brings it, then i can get a real good look at the ladies and her shiny bits :wink:

I have all the time in the world, well not literally but i will always make time for my girls :slight_smile: