My 1st Grow , unknown strain, on a budget, it can be done!


Sorry, but I don’t buy autos either. There are plenty of members whom do though. I only prefer larger feminised because I’m a terrible rusher and I prefer quantity over quickness. From what I’ve seen on forum the ILGM autos produce good yields for smaller stature. I might try one day, but I’m an old school fool and prone to mistakes which you can’t really make on autos. Any variation decreases yield.


Still somewhat of an amateur strain finder. I just buy what I like and company keeps getting primo strains; like Bruce Banner. When released price was ridiculous. The God Bud is very expensive but eventually I know they will get it once they find a stable dependable strain of it. They do their research and the growing info on strains are spot on.


I get it now, each are unique in there own right, im not at the clone stage yet, just getting through my 1st grow without problems, i will experiment along the way tho :+1:


Thats ok i was just enquiring anyhow :slight_smile: i will experiment with, clones and topping and scrogging eventually :slight_smile:

I am saddened :frowning: ILGM doesnt ship to the UK!!
Any other trusted sites?


Can’t you just go to Amsterdam and get whatever you like? I don’t think Brexit has started border inspections yet. Go get some primo seeds and then clone it to keep going. Cloning is dead easy and very successful. Every clone I have ever taken has grown.


I wish i could :frowning: dont mention brexit, its all gone to the dogs and im not proud to be british at this point in time…but hayho, my one individual vote wont change the shit storm thats coming!


It has only been 2 days but i got a meter for temp/humidity…set it up, they seem happy enough…is this the right place for it? Or should it be by the canopy?


If you can get your temp meter at the canopy, it would be best. Girls look great!


No problemo :ok_hand: i shall move it at lights on :+1: thanks @raustin


As we approach week 6 the girls pistils are browning up more now and adding a little weight so it seems :slight_smile: i feel like because i look at them daily they dont seem to grow but the when i compare to my older posts i can see a difference, my girls growing up :cry: I have a jewler loupe but i cant for the life of me hold everything still enough tho to take a non blurry photo!!
Anyways enough of me banging on heres me girls…!

Whats the verdict guys n gals?
Would you say the time scales about right?
1more week then flush?
Im seeing mainly clear tricomes but then my eyesight really isnt that good :confused: any clues on how to stop everything moving/shaking to get a good pic of tricomes through a jewlers loupe??

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


If you’re seeing mostly clear trichs, then she won’t be ready in a week, she’s got longer than that.

It’s very very difficult to hold that damn thing steady, I know. Does your scope clip into your phone?


Once u start growing good plants u won’t need seeds. Learn to clone


I have been reading about milky and amber tricomes,im not there yet but then i cant really see them that well. I was looking at those clip on ones but thought they wouldnt work that great? Should i invest then?


I have been learning, learning sooo much sometimes i get info overload…iv been looking at topping, scrogging, monster cropping, cloning etc etc, this is my very first grow so im just cruising through this one 1st and wanted a trusted place to get seeds so that i can start the cloning process :+1:


This is the one I use and I love it. I know it’s hard to believe such a cheap thing will work, but I have more expensive ones that don’t work as well. This one is $7.


Very similar to the ones i have seen, im an ebay user rather than amazon…thanks for your advice i will be ordering one of those :slight_smile:


On eBay it’s less than 4$. I’m with u eBay is about half the price of amazon. For lights too


Price wise im insure but what i do know is they ship to the uk lol…i clicked on the link @raustin gave me and they dont ship out here so a quick look on ebay…one has been ordered for £3.99 :ok_hand:


Excellent, it’ll work for you. What I like to do is take a lot of pictures with it on my phone, and then look at the pics later to get the best view.


Thats exactly how i like to do it :ok_hand:
Il take like 20 photos but only use 4 maybe lol

I will put updated pic up when it arrives :slight_smile: