My 1st Grow , unknown strain, on a budget, it can be done!


I am loving this website and all the advice it has too offer, members are amazing and helpful, seeing all the lovely ladies being grown is magically marvelous.
I would love to show my ladies off and give a little info on their journey…here goes…

I have 5 bag seeds, germinate them all, 3 get a tap root, then get planted into soil, all 3 sprout, one doesnt make it. I have the 2 tiny shoots in a cupboard on a 18/6 light schedule bringing them out under a cfl, nothing special. They seem to flourish, i get excited. I make out my closet, on a budget no doubt but i silver line it, get a fan, no vetilation, invest in a 400w led, my sheilas love it :heart_eyes: they do so well they outgrown their digs and i have to invest in a tent, again with no ventilation (just what the tent provides)
They are now into the 3rd day of week4 flower and im super excited, i just had to show you all :slight_smile:

Any advice/comments/questions i am happy to to take and answer :slight_smile:



Looking good! Nice that you got two females. Just growing them with good light and no males will give you pretty good bud.


Sounds like you got bitten by the ‘grow your own’ bug. It is a fun hobby with great benefits. Your girls look nice and healthy.


Ventilation will help even if you’re not concerned with the smell. They need fresh air, at least the volume of the space every minute is best. That said, they look great! And welcome to the forum!


Be careful. The shoestring budget tends to evolve quickly into hobby maintenance fees. You’ve done great by jumping to panels fast. My " first" was LED Floodlights. I only got 3-4 oz. But I learned. Now I’m 6k watts into a 4x4x8 with 6 plants within 8 months. Addictive plus your own produce is always better

Seems so long ago.
This is the office now.


Thank you and yes i was worried id end up with males or even that these girls would die on me as i didnt have the proper set up but they have proven me wrong :slight_smile:


I most certainly did get bitten! It was a fight weather to germ them or not but the thought was ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’ nothing to loose type of thing and here we are :slight_smile:
Most defo is a fun hobby and im learning sooo much too, win win, i cnt wait to smoke my own grow…exciting times :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice, i was assuming that having a window open in the room the tent is in would give the girls the fresh air needed??


Oh i am learning that as i go along, it does add up but as i dont wanna grow big what i have is ideal for me, i think the thing that goin to cost me is the seeds but you pay for quality i guess :slight_smile:
Anything i get from these girls will be a bonus as i wasnt expecting them to sprout let alone go this far lol plus it has been a learning curve and im enjoying it win win in my eyes!

Your office looks great, i bet it looks beautiful full of buds :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


That will help!


Excellent :slight_smile:


If you do it right, they won’t be any worse then the bag they came from, Since they are both female, you will grow sansemilla, which will be much better than the bag that had seeds. The main thing is to get the light strong enough and to water them when the soil gets dry. You can test that by sticking your finger in.


I am still learning but it seems like the ladies are happy with what im doing, i come here everyday to see of there is any advice and i am learning sooo much from all the lovely members :slight_smile:
I will be pleased with whatever they produce being its my 1st and im still learning :ok_hand:
The wattage on the lights are at 420 (ironically) led and cfl.
I only water when they are dry :slight_smile: up to my 1st knuckle if im correct??

These are my sheilas today looking all glamourous :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Yes it is a real bonus. I am still learning as well and even though there is a tent i still kept it basic; which is soil, reservoir, Lights, intake, and exit. Last thing is scent control which is the reason they are not in tent.


I believe you may get 2-3 oz. easy. Just allow your ladies to really get fat and you won’t see it until 2nd month.


Top stuff and well done


Welcome to the forum @Wildwest Looks like your doing a great job … keep it up!


That is one thing im not really too concerned about is smell but only having 1-3 girls at a time it shouldnt become too much…unless i get some super stanky shizz :+1:
Il be way happy with that amount of yeild, 1st grow, im learning alot via here on how to up the yeild, il be a pro in no time :joy:
I will keep this thread going on my sheilas and let you know their outcome!
Thank you.


Thanks @Mudcrab01

And thanks for the welcome mr @Sasquatch


Now i know its only been 2 days but went into the girls to check on em before lights out and they are shining with tricomes :heart_eyes: also afew pistils are turning amber…eeeek excited muchly :joy:
Can anyone kinda tell what strain(s) i might be looking at?