My 1st grow & the Spinning Scrog!

Hello everyone! I have lurked around here for quite a while and just recently became a member. Thanks to everyone that shares their grows and special thanks to the people who share their experiences and advice! Wonderful group of people here!

I have “Cali” who is 14 days old. She’s a Cali OG Kush/Amnesia haze strain, living in a 32"x32"x63". After germination she went straight to FFOF. Being a Sativa, I’m trying to keep her from stretching. Temps between 75-85, RH between 50-60%. How does she look at 14 days?


Ffog may be a little harsh for her as soil is very “hot”. Most here start out with happy frog.
Shes a pretty lil girl, Happy Growing!!


Yup, I’ve heard FFOF is too hot and I’ve heard it’s fine…so we will see. I did run some water through the soil a few days before planting in hopes of cooling it down a little bit.


Have u checked then runoff pH and ppm of ur soil?


Welcome off to nice start. Go very easy when you start using nutes. In the veg stage. the ocean Forest has got you covered on the front end of veg stage. Good luck


Haven’t done runoff since transplant 3 days ago from solo cup to 3 gal. I just misted the soil with 1/2 tap 1/2 distilled PH at 6.5 PPM around 370 going in.


Question… Is it a good idea to water until runoff at this point? I had planned on waiting a little longer before I did that.

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In a 3 gallon pot? Nah. She doesnt look to have a very elaborate root system yet. Dont wanna drown her. Wont be long tho.

But so far so good! She looks happy and healthy


I can’t get over the top view of this little thing


Arent they just so precious at that age? Cute little plant. Give her a month n ull be like flower woman flower!!! :joy::joy::joy:


18 days old

79° 61% RH
Just fed PH 6.4 PPM 569. I’m using General Hydroponics Micro/Bloom/Gro + CalMag to 1/2 distilled- 1/2 tap water.

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More info about my setup.

2 clip on fans running 24/7

1 Woozoo M15U 5.5" oscillating fan on 18/6 hr timer with lights

1- 40 watt CFL 5000K set 4" from plant overhead 18 on/6 off

1- 16 watt LED 5000k set 4" away aimed at side 18 on/ 6 off (rotate plant twice daily)

( oscillating fan and lights are plugged into the same timer on 18/6 schedule )

4" exhaust fan (190 CFM) with Carbon filter, added a variable speed control…set on low running 24/7 (it is very quiet!)

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MoneyPit exclusive Humidity control!

Here’s how I control it. Hopefully I can explain this weird setup…

1 clip on fan is located at 6" vent at tent bottom.

2’ of 4" ducting ends right behind fan. Drawstring snugged around duct.

Other end of duct goes outside of tent, and ends about 8" above a diffuser.

Diffuser is running 24/7 pretty much right now. I use distilled water, and it uses about 40 oz (1200 ml) every 24 hours.

Right now my tent is 81° and 67% humidity. The room is 79° 61% humidity.


Day 19

Another boring update…

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Boring is good. Full speed ahead Mr Sulu. (Dang im lame :unamused:)


Day 20

Crap…Did I just F.I.T.???

I meant to F.I.M. but think I cut too short.

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That looks like a good cut. You might get four out of that. :+1:


Yup looks good to me. Only time will tell


Day 23

Just fed PH 6.5 PPM 728 going in. (No run off yet) Temp 79° RH 62%

It’s growing like a weed…

3 day old FIM job


She is getting bigger. Next water/feed, go ahead to light runoff. U dont wanna let those salts buildup