My 1st Grow - Berry Bomb Auto & White Widow Auto


List for using which leds? Every
Board, strip, driver combination is different


Have you peeked at the thread i linked? It goes thru the steps of a build. The parts are around. Strips and Drivers can be bought from Arrow or Digikey. It gets hella intimidating when you see all the numbers. But it gets easier.

This post has a link to most of the amazon required do hickeys. Ignore that aluminum tho. You will need bigger.

@dbrn32 u said 2 - 150w~ fixtures yes? In a 3x3? So is that doable with the 280s and the 580s (@Nell1 those numbers are basically the lengths of the strips in millimeters? Centimeters? I suck with measurements but those are lengths)

After u pick the strips you need. The driver falls in line.

But today. Go to And look for the newletter signup coupon offer. Will save a few bucks when time comes


Ya, I would lean towards doing it with hlg-120’s and 560mm strips. Off my top my head it’s a good fit for 3x3 and would be really good with 4 in 4x4.


Yay! All ready to go! Sorry to hear about your pain, but those lights will grow you some wonderful medicine!


Its most definitely going to be 4x4 so I’ll be in touch with you guys when I’m ready to buy all the parts should be soon here fine go look at the stuff when I get home on road right now


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