My 1st Grow - Berry Bomb Auto & White Widow Auto


If it’s starting the 4th node top her now don’t wait


I counted the single leaves as one. The first 3 finger as 2. 2nd 3 finger as 3. Can see tiny bits of the #4. Not exactly far enough. But i didnt plan on topping anyway. I want to lst. My topping adventure on bag seed didnt go so well. I fimmed an upturned side branch that did ok. But that is a photo period plant. Dont want to cut on my autos.


Update a day late BBA 23 WWA 20 Kushy 4 10

The Kushy 5 is down to 4. The other 2 have been culled for the good of the grow. The two leadhorses are still lookin GREAT. All 4 are completely grown with 2nd nodes (3 serrated leaves) and the horses have startd showing the third. They range from 2-3 inches. And they all survived my infamously horrible transplants.
Also: Start of Veg for the Kush’s

After: On to 1 gallons for a month or so (i think)

White Widow is at Day 20 and as i suspected is SERIOUSLY stunted! She is shorter the the Kushes but with even less node growth. I hate i placed directly into 5 gallon… held too much water… she is maybe an inch and a half high. N just now peeking at her 3set of leaves. VERY faint in photo.

Berry Bomb Auto - this girl is my pride and joy. At 23 days im sure she in undersized to alot of people’s standards but i think she is beautiful. She has stretched a bit up to maybe 5 inches. 4th node is slightly seeable. Developing on along. I expect this week she will explode. Also her cotyledons have shriveled and withered away. Im guess its nutes time but i love organics and have a ‘semi-super’ soil for the bottom half of her pot. Anyone have any worm casting style additives that would help along in veg? Im all ears.
9 Days into Veg

Group Photos:


I think it’s looking green and healthy. Maybe leggy, but nice!


Yea they all got a bit of stretch going. Damn sun too far. Need qb light asap :joy:. The kushes are zooming tho. N WWA finally startd growing again. May update later


@PurpNGold74 I start flush in 3days

Lol I put my puppy on there to lol English mastiff


Haha. And looks like ur gonna be smoking lovely this fall


Update Time!! 29-26-17

Class photo:

First up. The Kushy 4 - 19 days old. They are stretching up nicely. All 4 are from 3-5 inches. The stronger 2 are in the blue and red pot. Added another leaf set since last photo. Bring them to 4 sets of true leaves with the 5th showing. I started lst’n each and by the end of the day tops were happily pointed up.
1st week of veg

The green and beige are growing well too. Just not as fast as red n blue. I noticed bite marks on beige yesterday but no pests. Then for picture day MORE bites. So i hunted the little f’er down. Small caterpillar. He is not a threat anymore.

White Widow Auto - 26 days old - This girl is by FAR the runt. Finally showing actual growth and not even 2 inches tall! My god she is gonna be a low yielder. But im commited to this grow anyway. Going to see her through! But she is progressing faster so :man_shrugging:t5: Has her two 3 serrated sets of leaves now. Lets see were she gets next week.

Berry Bomb Auto - 29 days old - My pride n joy :joy::joy:. This girl smells already. Get within a ft or two and you can smell an undeniable funk. The lst took BEAUTIFULLY. Today i brought down the next top. No photo of that. But all in all. She gives me ‘high hopes’
16th day of Veg

Gonna be a very merry xmas and a happy new years :joy::joy:. Also shout out to my baby garden. Cucumbers center front. Watermelon to the left top. Canteloupes to the right top. Strawberries hidden amongst both sets of flowers. (Excuse to the wifey for buying all this doggone dirt and dirt amendments) :facepunch:t5::+1:t5::joy:


Great and thorough update! I’m liking the LST and just keep at it. They will always correct themselves and start back towards the light within hours :v:


Thanks man. Just tryna keep myself patient and a good backread for the next grow. Cant wait til football season :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


@PurpNGold74 looking good my friend…good luck with the grow…I’ll be looking forward to your progress


Uh oh… 4 sets of true leaves. Barely 6 inches tall (without my lst) and…

I know i should be happy she’s a girl! But its WAYYYYY too soon

20 days of Veg n the transition begins :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Congrats it’s a girl


It’s a girl and set to watching


On another note… think i found my Lighting! @dbrn32 Samsung LM561C 200W LED Grow Light 3000K Quantum Board HLG 185 QB288 From ebay. 2x for 250~ sound about right?


Actually sounds like a steal. Thats why i didnt make a new topic :wink::joy:


Horticulture lighting group doesn’t sell anything with an hlg-185 driver that I’m aware of. Which leads me to believe it’s a knock off of their stuff. It may or may not be a good deal based on that, I haven’t really kept up with the knock off boards. @Aolelon may know though.


Welp nuff said! Keep on shopping i am. Its prime day on amazon so i started there :joy::joy: not their ‘niche’ i guess


Have a few photos if that helps?


Photos wouldn’t help me, I’m not familiar with which companies are making what boards. Or which ones are good.