My 1st Grow - Berry Bomb Auto & White Widow Auto

I didnt give up on them betty. I plan on running one every moment i can. Then im leaving the Northern HOG outside fulltime. (She is getting her a** kickd but growing :joy:) but the photos are the bread and butter. I havent germ’d a photo seed i paid for.

N i only got to really grow 1 out of the 4-5 i tried to germ. Think i killd WW somehow. Lemon haze is still in her soil after 3 weeks. Think Different didnt open in her peat pod (also me too damp). And thr aforementiond HOG is doing fine with me not touching her (except rain, always needs a touch after rain)

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I found it man. I kept going thru the site and clickd ‘Arrow’ accidentally. Was where u said. At the top :man_facepalming:t5::man_facepalming:t5::joy::joy:


No biggie, just glad it will help you save a couple bucks.

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Strips ordered… 20 of these for 2 seperate boards

Wagos - got 20 strips (making 2 - 12 in boards, so need 20 - 2 prong ones right?
16awg cable - not sure how many feet
Double sided sticky tape - by the big roll
Driver - no idea what size. Went back over our convo… still no idea :joy::rofl::joy: (@Aolelon question u get most right :joy::joy::joy:)
And finally the aluminum - local 2 -12 inch plates

That to dolist look right?


You won’t need that many wagos. Like 4 per light max. You may be able to get away with 2 per light, get a 10 pack of the 2 port lever connectors.

Drivers for that light are meanwell lpc-100-500, you’ll need 1 per light.

Get 18awg solid wire rated for 300 volts. 25’ spool will be plenty for this light.

Double sided thermal transfer tape you want 20mm wide. Only comes in 25m roll that I’m aware of. That’s enough to like 7 of these lights.

Get two plates .125 1/8” thick 12”x12”, a little bigger is fine. If you have hard time they’re available on eBay too.

It should all be linked in diy with bridgelux strips thread.


Thanks bro. U Da MAN!!!

Strips - $4.17 (didnt get my discount, didnt care need lights) a piece - $83.30
Wiring - $6.70

Connectors - $6.95

Tape - $13.79

Drivers - $26.03 a piece $52.06

Plates - $16.85 a piece $33.70

Not sure if i can post links outside of amazon but i can find em :joy::rofl:

$194.70~ no calculator but damn fine work :facepunch:t5: Now to piece the rest of the funds together. Strips down. $111~ to go. Also sad news… Ms Red was shredded 3 days ago by a mystery animal… i cleaned her remains up, tied her top to the pot. And she has been slowly recovering. Ms Beige was shredded last night by i assume same said animal. She had been topd… then topd at both new tops. Cropped on all new tops. Then traind to allow her 4 sub-tops to catch up. Then transplantd to a bigger pot and set outside to begin flowering in shorter light. Sadly also was skewerd. Will let her sit and try to grow (and bring her inside to continue vegging with the others…) but she maybe a gonner.

Ms Blue- Mr Blue
Ms Red - shredded 8/30
Ms Beige - shredded 8/2

Berry Bomb - 2 months 17 days (1 mth veg)
Ms Green - mainlined and growing slowly…

I need lighting and safety for my girls :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Not the right tape. You need 20mm wide, not 10mm wide.


Fixed it. Thanks man

No problem. The strips are 24 mm, so even the 20mm is technically small. But it’s closest without having a exposed tape. If you have wider tape than strip it will hold a ton of dust and get nasty. Been using the 20mm with them almost 2 years now and works plenty good.

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Thanks for the love @Ausgrow

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Your journal is killer bro. :call_me_hand:t2: I wanna see these lights finished. I run hps but led intrigues me.

Im itching to get them hanging. Feeling like a one legged man in an asskicking contest… need to remove this handicap

Haha I actually just lol’d. Once they’re done you’ll be killing it. image


Soooo. Great news. Santa ran!!

Also… GREATER NEWS! Santa mistakeded me for some good boy a few houses down.

I orderd 20 - 280s… got 20 - 560s… good thing I procrastinated about the drivers and other parts. @dbrn32 i have a conundrum on my hands now. Should i still 10 strip the 560s? Just add longer aluminum n bigger drivers? Or do we do something more… creative?


Did they charge you for the 280mm and you got the 560mm instead? If so you just scored big time lol.

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FACTS a win for me. Anyway u chop it


Awesome! Now you can build one light and have enough for a second one later if you expand.


SCORE! Maybe you can sell the leftovers and buy Kobe out of retirement for some wins…he’s got one more in him. Haha :basketball: or it can go towards KD.

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Haha! I literally just LoL’d. My man id spend more then i do on my bud to turn back time on those knees. I grew up too tall and uncoordinated to play guard. But dammit i had to try after 81 :joy::rofl:.

But i ain’t selling ish. More lighting! :rofl::joy:


We get more creative lol! Like next level, that’s an awesome score?

Did you pay for 280’s?