My 1st ever grow!

Hello, I’m a first time grower and have been reading on here alot, so I figured I’d try and get some feedback.
I have 2 White Widow Autos from ILGM, planted in soil 5 days ago and sprouted today.

Here is my setup

Vivo sun 4’ by 2’ tent
Mars Hydro 600w led
Fox Farm ocean forest soil

I’ll attach photos of the seedlings, any feedback would be greatly appreciated!



Welcome to the community @Drewcifer

Thank you!

Looking good. Welcome to the forum.

Welcome @Drewcifer .

That soil looks a bit too wet. It’s also a pretty hot mix, probably too hot for seedlings. I’d recommend Happy Frog or ProMix instead.

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@Drewcifer; Welcome to the community. Looking good.

Thanks! @MidwestGuy

@KeystoneCops Thank you, good to know… I’ve been misting the soil around them lightly a couple times a day trying to keep it moist, I’ll let them dry out more. I hope they can survive in this soil it was recommended alot online

Hello welcome,love ww and wish you well,with that light I would only use maybe half that Tent it’s a 100w actual draw it will grow 1 plant well maybe 2 I also use ffof and it is a hot soil I get. Slight nute burn without adding nutrients I use a starting soil to buffer until it’s past seedling stage but it’s a good soil I usually don’t feed until runoff ppm is below 800 sometimes that takes 2 months be sure to be good on ph and ppm good luck and happy growing


Welcome to the community. You are in good hands here to help you grow. happy growing :bat: :rofl: