My 1st Amnesia Haze Auto


Yes but those places are burnt looking… :pensive:


If this auto is herrmied. What did you have to do to do this? I am pretty hard on my autos. just curios so I can avoid it. Sorry that it happened to you.


I moved 1100 miles w her and she went from I grow tent w high powered LEDs to whatever sunlight there is here… Didn’t have room here for grow tent so had to leave it at home… I just cut “IT” down and it almost looks like she got root rot… not sure gonna look up some pics now… this is what she looked like b4 I moved her and she only had couple of weeks to go… :cry:


Sounds like alot of stress was put on her. How did you travel that far with a live plant? I would of been nervous crossing all those state lines. Lolthought she looked hermed based on your first pics. I


I traveled in a vehicle had her covered w a dark trash bag… and crossed 5 state lines… driving the speed limit is how I made it! :blush:


Im not running AHA again. I will run NLA again though. Im running 6 jack herer next. Dropping the beans in a week. Im sorry about the girl. Hopefully you can get into a rhythm where your at. OnE LoVe. Whats your next grow gonna be?


Well I will NEVER attempt AH ever again 5 attempts 5 fails! I still have 4 NLA beans & 5 blueberry my blueberry was much more potent than my NLA… so probably blueberry if I can get bk home and get my tent and grow equipment I’m not attempting an outside grow too many variables that screw it up… AH SUX!! Or I got some really crappy seeds… I got a mix package so I tried w AH but I don’t want a sativa strain sooo it’s all good except this could have lasted me months by myself back too scratch again… my first grow went very well…


anybody on here from florida pensacola area??


Im south of ya a few hrs


My BB turned out just ok. I may revisit it again later. I have one NL that is so stinky and seriously glues the fingers after a squeeze and the other has some coke can sized colas that are frosting at about 3/4 the rate. One AH tastes and smells awesome after 2 weeks curing and has a nice high. The other has been in cure for a week or so and doesnt seem to have the same smells developing. Damn Phenotypes…im thinking about doing a regular strain after the JH??? Im starting to see some 14 week autos in my grows… so why not???


@FloridaSon is from some where in Fl. Your AH sound like the AK-47 was to me. Took a few tries before I finally got one finished


The closest I’ve been to you was Jay, FL. I’m in North Central Florida, south of Gainesville.

Go Gators!


@FloridaSon if you go northwest of Gainsville a little bit there is a college that has a real football team. Hahahaha just messin, im more of USF fan myself. Florida Representin OnE LoVe


It’s all good! My daughter is a fan of that girls school(FSU)! My son is a 'Cane. It got pretty interesting at my house when they still lived at home! LMAO


I bet there was alot of trash talkin going on there. Hahaha.


You know it!

I’m pretty laid back about it. Been a fan since '75. Before '96 we lost more than won, so it’s easy for me to take it. My kids on the other hand…! I have to laugh when they go back and forth about who has the best team. Especially after a good sativa session!


@FloridaSon @Sweetsugar since your in the Sunshine State if your ever in the Tampa area or no someone thats going thatway. you should do your plants a favor and stop by this wacky ass place and get some of the best, still moist worm castings i have found. All organic, no gmo feed all sourced and traced!! anyway heres a pic explaining a little and the site. 20 bucks for a 5gal pail 35lbs. Im on my 10th pail of this literal shit!! OnE LoVe


Lol…I have a worm bed.

@Rick3 is north of Tampa. Not sure how close he is, but closer than me.

I do have some cousins down there…


Yea I’m about an hour north of Tampa
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Good to meet you all @monsterblackbass @Sweetsugar @Not2SureYet


Im in pensacola…