My 12 week old plants are wilting strongly and loosing colour

Hi my plants are about 12 weeks old started growing outdoors in good quality potting mix and fertilized 1 till 2 times a week with Aussie Magic Fertilizer, up until about 5 days ago they were booming and really strong and a great colour and now they have started growing their first branches and suddenly they decided to hug themselves in the mornings and nights only, I thought it was the cold of frost so I keep them in the hot house until the frost has disapated, now they aren’t picking there leaves up during the day at all iether not at all? I have sent some pics in the hope that you can tell me what is wrong before things get worse, I have also up potted into a soil, Coco, perlite mixture as planned in an attempt to help them as they were very pot bound but they are not improving? please have a look and see if you are able to help me diagnose them they are 4 × UK cheese and 2 × g.d.p. all bought from the seedsman and WeedSeedsExpress, I did try to buy from you but every time I tried You were sold out of strains good for Australia’s weather and beginners
Please help me diagnose them before they get weaker and die I’m not winning

What brand soil?

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Before I noticed that they were pot bound they were in 100% osmacote professional premium potting mix then 2 days ago I read that it might be pot binding so I had already planned to up pit in 70% osmacote rose potting mix as is pH neutral 20% Cana Coco professional and 10% Perlite this started before up potting and isn’t improving in the new mix

How often you water?

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Depends on our unstable Melbourne weather, but usually about every 3 days, I always wait until they’re dry on top I use the knuckle technique if it feels moist an inch down I don’t water until is well dry on top, I did just start to give them their nutes twice a week but I redused the amount of nutes in order to only up them a little at a time
They were up to 5 ml once a week of Aussie Magic grow juice fertilizer then I went to 2 doses 84 hrs apart at 3ml per dose
I’ve read it could be because im chasing full sunlight all day and not allowing them to see shade until darkness, then straight into sunlight at 6am every day, should I keep them in one place and choose morning or afternoon sun and not both

I’ve added some pics of what they looked like 7 days ago!


A transplant can make them hang like that. Its a big stress to them sometimes. I am not familiar with your medium or your nutes so I am no help. They yellowing leaves look like they are hungry to me.


Thanx for the input, they’ve come good over night so I’m thinking that they were pot bound and just needed time to adapt to there new space, will try many other things that I’ve been advised like foilar spray, cal-mag, flush etc. I’m sure they will be ok
Pics below of how the girls are looking today it was very windy and loosing sun at the time so looking a little lax but they were perky as in full sun today, no more hugging even in the cold



Here ya go my friend…

Underwatering your marijuana plant is usually the reason that the leaves begin to wilt. Wilting cannabis leaves look much sadder than drooping leaves, have curled at the ends and have begun to turn yellow. In fact, they look lifeless and it can make a grower completely freak out. Wilting means that the roots of your plants are bone dry. They will grow much slower under this condition; so the sooner this is fixed, also the better.

At this stage, you should consider watering your plant more often, and at the beginning perhaps giving it a little bit of extra water to compensate. Be careful not to throw the plant off balance again by continuing to overwater it. Don’t mix any of this water with fertilizer, as it won’t assist with the problem of wilting. You just need to ensure that the water is pH balanced, and use it purely for the purpose of rehydrating your plant. After some time they will start to look happy again and you can go back to using your nutrient-rich water.