My 1$ scrog any thoughts?


This is just something i thought i would try. Maybe it will help the plant build strength. Its i guess a self supporting trellis net…



Perfect now what you must do every other day is to pull back the branches that’s growing thru the screen so it can fill out completely , and once you finish filling out all the squares in the screen and it’s full with and completely covered , you than switch the light schedule to 12/12 to start your bloom phase .


All the leaves that sticking thru the screen gently tuck them back under the screen and try not to break them , but if in case just tape it and continue to pull them all under the screen .


He’s looking scared


@yoshi covered it. Awesome.


Like so.


I also started a bender next to the scrog. Its my clone at 30 days old. I bent her last night. And this is her now.been topped three times with the 1st top starting to regenerate .

thanks for the help … means alot to the indoor beginner like me… and this is her now.


The top regenerateing


I used some material like that in my garden in the past and noticed that the metal got a little hot and burnt my plants wherever they would touch on the screen. Yours appear to be coated well and im sure you would have to have some damn close metal halides to get the thick coated stuff hot enough.


I use cfl and leds it pretty cool in the tent. 77°…ill watch for it tho…