MW fem indoor grow, aussie style

Hello @patchman ,
thank you my friend for the information patch. Having a second set of lights patch makes a big difference I think. I currently have lights set at 60% as per the guru for veg and then increase to 100% for flowering.
The growth is really showing and already I have tipped plant A & B. This will be an interesting grow patch.
Have a magic day and be safe


You are going with “Dr Light’s” instructions, and that’s the best course of action. When you get to flower and crank the power up it still probably wouldn’t hurt to do the hand test. You are on your way again friend. I remember long ago when a friend went to Hawaii and came back with some Maui. We went to see a movie and he pulls out the tiniest 1/2 joint I had ever seen. We (my other friend and I) said “no, you go ahead, that’s not really enough for all three of us.” Well, he talked us into participating, and I pretty sure we were way past giraffe lips and closer to alien lips for the whole movie and an hour or two after! Memories. You and your wife have a great weekend!! Peace…

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That’s hilarious Patchy!

When is the big day @BStarr ?

In October buddy but that’s coming up on us fast!

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Gotcha. Wish I was there. I could arrange a few big plants into an arch! Let me know what you think of that blueberry. Peace…

Hello @BStarr , @patchman ,
Bring it on. what a magical idea patch. Hmmm, you can all pick a bud as you walk under the arch. LOL.
I am also interested on how the blueberry goes. I wanted to buy some seeds from ILGM but as they are no longer shipping here to Oz, I guess I will miss out :disappointed:
If anyone knows where I may be able to get some please let me know :v: :+1:
Have a magic day

I love my blueberry. I am still curing my White Widow CBD. Will let you know when I get to sample it. I think they are working on the delivery to Oz, high. Hopefully that will be soon for all of you there. Peace…

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Haha that’d be hilarious! We could do bouquets of buds :rofl::rofl::rofl:

It’s Blue Dream, and I’m so super keen to try it, as Blueberry (parent strain) is still my fave so far!

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Hey buddy hop over to my thread a few days back to see the email response I got fro ILGM. They hope to be back up and running here again soon and have promised us some good sales to compensate. I was about to nab 10+10 Blueberry but the website wouldn’t accept my address, and I remembered your post about them not shopping here so I hit them up. Hopefully it isn’t long!

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Hello @patchman, @BStarr ,
Licking my lips after reading your post patch about your blueberry. Mmmmmm. I grew a white widow this year patch and it packs a punch. Very mellow, lay back kind a stone and also helps with pain.
Thanks for the info patch. I am sure it will be sorted eventually.
@BStarr, ran it past my wife and she said she will help make the Bouquets. LOL. Blue Dream sounds interesting. Now I am starting to pick up the correct method for growing, and learning along the way, Trying different strains is a challenge and I am up for it. LOL.
I will wait till ILGM starts to ship here again to get some blueberry seeds.
Check out these funky mushrooms. They usually grow in the first month of winter here. Made me think of “Alice in wonderland” and the big catapliar sucking on a hooker. Sorry about my spelling. Purple Haze does that to ya.

Have a magic day


Hahahaha hooker. I love hookahs.

Brilliant! Totally get it :laughing::mushroom:

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Wow they’re awesome! They so look like you’ve just wandered into Wonderland :heart_eyes:

And ummmm yeah we are actually discussing wedding planning this morning - all those fine details! And I don’t think the Mrs will agree to our idea of bud bouquets :rofl:


It was really more of a joke. It would be cool and all, but if word got out that you were doing that you’d have thousands of people there for sure! And they would be there just for the bouquets, not for you and the soon to be Mrs. Oh flyinghigh, I hope your wife doesn’t catch you sucking on a hooker! (hookahs). Have a great weekend over there yall! Peace…


Hello @CalamityJane,

I was really stoned when I took the picture LOL. Cool Bananas. They are pretty cool.

@BStarr, I agree with patch mate, to many hassles LOL. Nice thought though patch.

@patchman, Hmmmm, OK, Wife says hi patch, she hopes you are doing well.
Ok, no hooker but a nice bong :yum:, actually I smoke scoobies mainly. Oh no, I said to much hehehehe.
Have a magic day all and be safe


Hahahaha yeah I know mate. We keep it fairly tightly under wraps that I’m even on the prescription oil let alone smoke, let alone GROW! :flushed:


BStarr- your secret is safe with me. I have been tortured for information and I would rather die than give up info that was shared with me in confidence. That was my job for 14 years. Confidentiality.
flyinghigh- you’ve never said too much to me friend. Your secrets too are kept safe and secure. I don’t know about you two, but I will be smiling when the world realizes what a miraculous plant we grow. The medical information already obtained should easily have taken marijuana off of schedule 1 (meaning it has no value medically, just like heroin or crack cocaine). I mean there is a fricking medication made of marijuana that has been approved by the FDA! When the truth is published then we can make the world a much better place. You both take care down there. Peace…


Yeah absolutely. It takes away my pain when nothing else can. I’m bombed as a futhermucker though


Methadone is heroin and Adderall is cocaine , neither of the two has a shortage in big pharm supply ? :thinking: once the figure out how much money they can profit :chart_with_upwards_trend:, it’s coming they love taxed money :moneybag:!