Mutations in Northern Light strain


Im on my second grow. I have 8 babies, they are about 3 weeks and Northern lights (regular), but all look very different. I know each plant has it own characteristics but this batch is a bit wild. Why does this one look like spiderman? Thoughts?


I find that this is a phase, kind of like a pre teen dressing up Goth style. Once they get established they with start to grow normal.

No idea why it happens.


Where are the seeds from?


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I’m thinking light stress and generics

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I had a green crack and a chemdog grow like this as well till about my 4th week of veg then they normalized themselves out i can’t say what does it exactly especially when the other 2 of the same strains also same age grew completely normal from the get go and all where from seed as well no clones

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LOL! Sometimes I wish this forum had a laugh emoji.


What about the 2 or 3 that look normal?

True, that’s why I’m confused, do you think it’s just genetics?


My guess

Just like @AAA said I believe also its just the plant going through a awkward growth stage