Mutations? Damage? What am I looking at?

Ive posted on this once already but

These are a mix of home made fem seeds… a few white rhino, a few cbd critical cush, and a couple white rhino x Durban poison.

I’ve noticed all kinds of strange growth or damage. I really can’t tell. I thought my new t5 seedling light was the issue but I’ve raised it substantially to 100cm and they have started to stretch. Why do these still look like crap.

They’re in jiffy pots… no nutes… just damp(not soaked)… roots look strong and healthy. 18 5°c temp and 65% humidity which has been very consistent.

Thanks in advance

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Looks maybe like they’re getting to much light :thinking: this is my guess I’m definitely not sure

At this seedling stage, they draw water in via the leaves. I would get some clear domes made and bump the RH up past 80%. I prefer 90%. You will spray the inside twice a day.

Once leaves are touching the side, pull immediately.

Stretching is for two reasons. One the light isn’t enough. Secondly the light is to far from the seedlings.

You should want around 70cm or so. Place hand directly over the seedling. If the light is hot on the hand, raise it till its comfortable.

If its to cold, bring the light down till its warm. Its trial and error till you dial your grow in. We all had out baby steps at first. :+1::+1::+1:

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They look great I grow out side even they stretch in direct sun light.


They look OK to me.


The roots won’t grow through those pots, cut the pest pot and crack them. Open.

They are so young don’t worry about what the leafs look like


Maybe it’s not providing the right kind of light and the light looks like it’s way too far away. The plant reaches when it is struggling to get enough light or the right kind of light so personally I’d lower the lights all the way down.

The bottoms are cut off… I’ve always grown that way

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Nothing wrong with it other than you raised the light and caused it to stretch. Lower your light back I certainly see no mutations.