Mutated Granddaddy Purple plants grown in Coco

From a fellow grower: Please advise

•Strain: Grand Daddy Purple

•Type: Fem

•Climate: Indoor

•Medium: Coco

•PH: 6.8

•Nutrient Mix Strength: N/A

•Light Type and Schedule: Optic 600watt led at 25%, 32"inches high from plants recommended by manufacturer. Schedule is 18-6

•Temperatures Day and Night: 78 Degrees F and night 74

•Humidity Day and Night: 50-60%

•Ventilation: AC Infinity Carbon Filters and Active Air Metal 16 in Rotating Fan

•AC: Not needed this time of year but have a Fujitsu mini split

•Humidifier: Crane 1 gal Humidifier

•De-Humidifier: Active Air De-Humidifier 110 Pint

•CO2: Fresh air intake**

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I don’t see anything other than pH that is off. Is it possible that over or under watering is the problem? Cannabis like wet/dry cycles and seedlings need very little water.

A pH of 6.8 is too high for coco. It should be around 5.9 or so. Check the hydroponic range in the chart. Coco should be in hydro ranges.


My thoughts exactly. pH is a whole point higher than it should be. 5.7 to 5.9 is like perfect for coco good luck


What kind of coco are you using? It looks more like soil to me in your pictures.


I agree, that or really wet coco…

Looks like really wet coco with perlite. I don’t see any issues really besides high ph and looks to be no drainage with those cups but I could be mistaken as you can’t clearly see the bottoms

Agreed. 6.8 too high for coco grow.

Ph to high and appears they may not be any holes in the bottom of them cups. That coco is very wet and the tray they are in is extremely dry and clean…

Look i agree with the other members about the ph but do u have drainage holes in the cups if u dont u could be drowning them,yah thats to wet for seedlings bro let them dry out nefore u water again