Mutated girl. How can I max yield


Hey y’all. Working on my second grow currently. Long story short… I left some babies (only had first set of leaves) next to the window to get some sun. Well… My dog got to one. The solo cup size pot was on the ground and right below the first 2 leaves the stem had been crushed. I didn’t rush to save it. I accepted that she was a goner and let her have her peace aka I just left it on the floor and said f it lol. Well, a couple days later I picked her up and staked her up to see what would happen. Have a look. She somehow mainlined or topped herself. And take a look at The stacking of a couple of her branches.
A couple questions I have is if I clone her will she grow this same mutation? How can I maximize the yield with the way she is growing?


Wow!! What a warrior!!

I have never seen a plant so funky looking. That being said i dont see this as a mutation, i see it as she did everything she needed to survive, survive she blooming well did :ok_hand: its amazing to see how resiliant these plants are!!
I would clone one and see if she roots, dont let the dog at her tho :wink:

What strain is she? How old?

I vote you call her “zena”


@garrigan65 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster @latewood have a look uptop…anyone see this before? I think its great :slight_smile: professional advice would be great tho…


Looks like it super cropped it looks good funky but good keep it growing who knows if your clone will do the same it’s possibly


She’s a white widow. Zena… Very fitting. It’s been decided. Thank you @Wildwest :slight_smile:


@Wildwest she is 4 weeks old.


No need for thanks i think she has earnt that name :muscle:
I have read that white widow is a very forgiving strain (damn proof right there) lol. 4weeks, she is chugging along nicely, no? Can i ask which lights your using and how dar from your girls are they? I was just contemplating a little stretch to open up her middle section, maybe?
I can give you a golden peice of info and that is to READ and if in doubt ask…someone on this forum will help or know someone to tag in to help :slight_smile: we are like one big happy growing family :slight_smile:


Right now I’m running 4 300watt LED each pulling 1.Bloomspect BS300 130 actual watts 2. Maiicy 300 actual 150 watts and 4. Two Roleadro Reflector-Series 300W 130 actual watts. I believe she is doing great. I have been learning reading and watching non stop since I started less than a year ago! This site has been extremely helpful tool for me. Until now, I’ve never grown a single thing in my life lol


Sometimes you get that rare seed that due to hybrid breeding you get something hopefully that is special. Time will tell :slight_smile:


I’em not going to guess at this. Could you please take a pic in natural light. Thank you Other wize i’em just guessing and I don’t that.


@garrigan65 here are some shots in natural light. Let me know if you need a more specific pic to analyze. Thanks a ton for looking

Uploading… Uploading…


That is one hell of a plant. If i were you i would wait a couple more weeks before you take a clone, ( and your clone will be the same as the mother ) so take enough clones to keep it going


Pic Update on Zena. She is out here wildn. pH:6.7 run off ppm: 900 run off. Medium is soil in a #7 pot. 4-300 watt LED all pulling 130-150w from wall each. Remo nature candy. Remo micro. Kelp. FF grow big. House of garden root Excel. Advanced nutrients rhino skin. Advanced nutrients Nirvana. I appreciate any input, advice, tips and opinions.


ohhhhhhhh baby it’s going down.