Mutant triple branch site plant, has anyone else seen this b4?

I picked up 10 wedding cake x purple power germinated seedlings from Dark Heart Nursery and one of them began life as a mutant! I had never seen this b4 nor have I talked to anyone who has, so brace yourself.

Instead of growing alternating pairs of branches… the plant grew triplets. So 3 branches all growing out of the same level off the main stem.

Now you would wonder how this might effect the plant, will it be beneficial to have an entire extra branch at each interval?! No. Sadly it’s not. As the weeks went by and she grew, she began ejecting a minimum of 1 branch out of every set. Apparently the 3 branches compete for space and end up forcing at least 1 out.

This forced the plant to try to seal up the holes that were left behind… which caused it to get thicker and thicker.

Once I topped the plant about. 3 ft up, it reverted back to a staggered “regular” branch count. If your curious as to how the flower from such an odd plant would develop, then just wait till October when I show you. (Spoiler: it’s the 1 plant worth keeping out of the 10 seedlings which all exhibited different phenos).

Has anyone else seen this or have any thoughts/comments?


Could be a polyploid or other genetic disorder.

I’ve raised a couple of polyploids. They are heavy producers and can also be very potent.


I had an auto Frisian dew inside.
Was 32 in tall and gave me just over 1/2 lb.
only mine never rejected any of the branches.

Top down pic on harvest day.
I’ve got another side pic somewhere but couldn’t find rt now.


@Oldguy how long did that auto take start to finish? Do you feel like they are better/produce more in a faster amount of time then photoperiodic strains? Do they self polinate and always contain seeds or do you need to use a hormone to get them to spit out seeds? How do you propagate them ? Can you clone them? I’m debating as to wether or not I should fill my depos with autos or clones


That one was iirc about 105 days germ to harvest.

No. But they do have a purpose locally for outdoor where our season is so short. This was from my second indoor grow.
Had always grown outdoor before that.

No seeds in that weed. :wink::grin:
Never done it but they would have to be manipulated to produce seed.

They have reg auto flowers but not very popular. Most folks want fem seeds.

No. They’re on the clock from germ. Any clones are the same time frame as mom.
End up with small stunted plants generally with very low yield.

I’d stick with the photo clones. Autos can be notoriously fickle on yield and size.
Anything detrimental done to an auto during veg is translated into the lack of final yield.
They flower when they want and it’s difficult to get similar phenos.
On that grow I had 4 distinct phenos from 6 plants.
I can tag you into my journal if you like.
Her growth is documented there at the start.

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@Oldguy sure tag away!

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Done my friend. :+1::v:

@Oldguy Cool cool thank you I’ll skim thru and check it out. Do the autos put on a lotta resin? Do they make the fan leaves fold in as they produce trichomes like this?


Yes, when the fan leaves get covered, they tend to canoe like that.

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