Mutant skywalker seedling is it yoda?

Just 18 days from sowing I have 4 seedlings growing, though one seems to be mutated somewhat, will it be any good, seems healthy enough?

Here are a couple of close ups one of the mutant and another of the norm.


I’ve had a few that started out like that and turned into awesome plants, and also a few that that I eventually tossed.

I had one plant that was barely 1” tall for over 1 month and next thing it know it hit past 7’ tall indoor.


I love my mutants…


I’m pretty high but that’s some really nice plants

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Well I guess I’ll chance it with the mutant, I do have a backup seedling, though it was the last of the litter and a few days behind, DWC setup a wide shot and the mutant roots look normal I think?

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Mutant update, it has grown a fair bit in the last few days and looks like it maybe putting out some ‘normal leaves’?

Pics of the cabbage headed mutant vs queen of the crop…

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Just an update for the curious, they have really matured into some fast-growing and good-looking girls, topped 2 days ago. :heart_eyes:


OK spot the mutant?

Just flipped and defoliated the Skywalker OG girls yesterday, just amazed at their growth rate, almost afraid of the stretch to come, have a second net on the way.

Do you think I might need a third net?

So on with the picture show…


This for sure gives me hope. Thanks for the visual my guy.

I personally do not give up on a plant till IT does. I have had a clone sit on table 2 weeks or more then all of a sudden it tosses green and explodes. This pic here was 1. She took 3 weeks to flip back to veg"flowering clone". Now she fills this 3x3 all alone no lst. Just fimmed hard.


They are growing so fast, the girls are working up a sweat, just wondering about that, maybe just super transpiration?



Cannot stop opening tent… :wink:


Here is my back against the wall full open tent view and this thread is going semi journalistic.

All welcome Q’s, A’s and even the Aeons.


Hey brother awesome looking setup and nice looking plants! Have you thought about making a scrog to put on it?
Keep’em growin! :+1: :v: :sunglasses:

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I do have a second net coming in the mail, hope it gets here soon.

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A few more details on the current grow.

Seed: ILGM Skywalker OG (over a year old), sown 6/12/2021 directly into rockwool, the first 3 broke the surface after 3 days, 7 out of 8 germinated, 2 failed to produce secondary leaves, selected the 4 best looking seedlings, with one backup.

Nutrients: Canna Aqua + Go Green (Cal Mag) + Canna PK 13/14 (for later on).

Tent: Greenfingers 1.5m x 1.5m x 2.0m

Light: Spiderfarmer 4000

Light cycle changed to 12/12 on January 12.

This morning both totes running at 1050 ppm and PH is good at around 5.8, levels were low, they were thirsty girls yesterday. Only topping up with water today, first tote required 3.5 litres and the second tote 2.5 litres.

Oh and I’m waiting for a cloning machine as seeds are getting almost impossible to obtain here in Fortress Australia. So here is my rather hopeful first clone attempt. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Morning update, PPM at 950 both totes, added 10ml flores A, 10ml B to each tote. Very thirsty again, 4 litres to tote 1, 2.5 litres to tote 2. The lower PPM reading tells me they are using the nutes. :slight_smile:

I don’t follow any strict schedule and use the PPM reading on deciding to add nutient. Starting with a PPM mix of about 500 seedling stage, building to 800 veg, then on flip building to 1000+, going higher later on maybe to 1300+ or so, before backing it right down toward the end.