Mutant seedling

I need someone to help me, so I bought the high yield pack and one of my Amnesia Haze seeds was abnormally fat and this is the result of it, it’s a 2 headed plant from one seed. Is this good or bad I’ve never seen this before and this is my second grow. [


I would just remove one of them. And by remove I mean cut it off. Instead of trying to uproot them. It’s probably 2 separate plants

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I would try and save one of them. And repot it. Sometimes you get a 2 for 1 out of the same seed. If you’re lucky.


@imSICKkid and @Covertgrower are giving you pragmatic, sound advice.

I will encourage risky behavior; let it grow, and see what it does!

I think @Covertgrower means you can try to remove one from the current container, and give it a new planter. That way you might end up with two healthy plants.

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Does this mean it’s good to keep them that way? I just should I cut one like the others say?


I would let them go for a few weeks at least. You could leave them together all the way to harvest, just train away from each other.


I’m not sure, could go a number of ways.

Looks like fun maybe try turning one into a clone when you can fim top them so you don’t disturb the roots.

Years ago I had one grow with three sets of leaves at growing top.