Mutant plants with leafy buds?

Hi everyone I am new here and trying to figure out how to use this. But I ordered widow mix pack and had mutant genetics. At first I thought it would be great but I was very wrong. I grew several strains and several plants but never seen this. The stems where flat with nodes grow out every which direction. That’s y I thought it might grow super thick buds. It was almost like they where two stems combined. And the flower kinda grew like that also. But instead of being dense full flower. They where very leafy. This was first time growing ilgm seeds is this normal with there genetics?? Cause if it was 1 plant hey I’d get it. It happens from time to time. But all 3 strains did this not all the plant but about 4 to 5 tops on all of the. The chronic widow white and black. Has anyone else seen this and know what I’m talking about.

Pictures would help greatly.

ILGM’s white widow, I consider to be, an indestructible strain. I stressed the heck out of mine and never had an issue.

I also have the mix pack. I killed a Chronic, and grew a black. Perfect genetics. They were my first grow and also my best, despite my newb mistakes.

Have you harvested?

If you had a triploid (or whatever is called) they’re not uncommon. I’m guessing that’s what you had. As for the genetics, if that’s indeed your problem, reach out to customer service. I bet they make it right.

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I’m on my second grow with ILGM’s White Widow Auto, and I find it very hardy. I don’t tent, and I do/don’t do things that some others here would likely find to be no-no’s, but I’m looking forward to my 2nd harvest in about a month or less. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lights being used?

Before we begin to troubleshoot, you’ll need to provide a very detailed description of your setup and habits.

Breeder/cultivar/source of seed:

When did the cotyledon emerge?

Exactly what medium are you growing in? (Brand and product/s)

What’s your watering program? Frequency, volume, additives,

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?

If you’re fertigating, what is strength is your nutrient mix? (Specify EC, 500/700 scale ppm)

What is your light source? (Be specific)

Temperatures: Average/peak/min for both day and night

Humidity: Average/peak/min for both day and night

How do you bring fresh air into your space, and how do you remove stale air?

Feel free to include any additional information, but try to be concise out of consideration to those who are helping.

First off I used happy frog soil. And a 1500 watt king led. first 2 weeks no feed. In 5 gallon buckets. Watered as needed. I know when plants need watered and don’t. And they grew awesome I have some beautiful pic of my plants to share once I figure out how to. Then I went to my 1000 mh air cooled hid. And fed with organic miracle grow as directed on box. My ph lev was always between 6.5 and 7.2. I have a 8x8 tent with a 8 inch ac infinity with the auto led screen. It’s so awesome. I just got it for this grow. Then of course I use a fan on bottom of plants. And two big ones up top. I feed on Sundays and water every other day 4 cups per water. And that seem to work good in the veg and flowering stage. And in flower I used fox farm open sesame the beasty blooms and next off course cha ching. Grew this way before no problems. Oh and I used some cal mag also 1 time a week. Till flower and they showed these signs of crazy nodes right at begining. Instead of normal node growth they just was coming out every where and where very dense. At first I thought it might be cool. Oh and I also did low stress training at beging and then week before flower I lollipoped and removed big shade leafs that covered bud sites. I never seen this before. And I grew 22 years now I’m not perfect but I like to think by now I know what I’m doing and have plenty of pic to show past grows went very well for me I hope that’s enuff info. I look throu comments and reviews to see if anyone else had these problems. But now one said anything about the end results just begining or they are autos like I said once I figure this out I will share all pics from my grow. For now I will go back to my own seeds for the summer grow. Tyvm for help

Oh and I’m sorry i forgot to give my temps. I set it at low humidity of 35% high 55%. High temp is 83 and low is 65. Thanks again

Hit the little landscape looking button at bottom of where u type post. Choose pics and dont send until u have a check mark pop up

Tyvm I am glad and thankful to be here. I grew ww back in like 2001 apx. And then shortly after grew the white russian which as u may know is white widow x ak-47. And loved them that’s y I chose this strain. I was hoping for a repeat. I mean it is kik ass stuff smells and taste great. But because of the flat steams with nodes coming out everywhere it grew alot of leaf instead of bud. I’d say yeild was maybe 35% less. I did get good stuff to. The flowers at the top almost look like they where two flowers fused together. In my 22years of growing I never seen this before. Growing always came natural to me. I always been good at it. My first grow was at the age of 16. I worked the summer at a landscape company and tended green houses there. So I brought home sum tomato seeds and told mom I was gunna try to grow a world record. LoL. I had em on my roof. When I came home from work one day I found my plants on front porch in town!! By they way I acted mom knew something was up :joy::joy::joy:. Paranoid. So when I moved out I never looked back. I rarely smoke these days but my wife does enuff for the both of us. I just love growing. And she loves that I do. It is such a beautiful plant.

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4 cups of water every other day seems like a lot to me.

I don’t know I mean they are big plants

Actually. If I don’t they wilt.

Idk i dont water every other day. I only eater when they are dry when i stick my finger in down to 2nd knuckle. To me they are probably water logged

Have u tried giving them a good soaking then water again when dry.

Post your pics then will be easier to tell

I been wanting to try autos. First off in summer time it would help for a earlier harvest. And there’s two benifits to that first it would do away with any chance of bud root. And it takes away the chance a a hunter stumbling onto ur plants. Even if they don’t get big and produce huge yeilds. Uknow what they say. A bird in the hands better than two in the bush!!

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That looks like it has a few weeks left to grow

Yea your pistils arent even starting to change color. Id say like 5 weeks