Mutant plant in so many ways

Hey guys/gals, wanted to see if any of you had experienced something like this and if there was anything worth doing at this point.

Strain is a Charlotte’s Angel CBD Auto from Dutch Passion. In FF Ocean Forest, 3 part GH nutes under a MarsHydro TSW2000.

Sadly being my first grow got over zealous with the watering (which I tried hard NOT to do). Ran into a quandary as I had overwatered, and the soil was too hot. Seemed to get some really bad nitrogen shock. Thought all my seedlings were toast, but stuck with them as I heard cannabis was quite resilient.

Fast forward 5 weeks and they’ve all recovered for the most part. Growth was significantly stunted, but it started to flower. Weird thing is that the leaves are all mutated and she seemed to have auto topped herself. The bud sites not having enough time to veg and grow apart are very dense as so are the leaves. I defoliated a bit to get some air flowing and light through, but being an auto didn’t want to stress it too much. Anything worth trying at point or just let it run it’s course?


I would just let go and see what comes of it myself. That is if you have the room anyway.
Im running a bruce banner auto right now that was all jacked up and it topped itself also. Its doing pretty good now to be honest… im glad i kept it.
Its the one on the right. Wish i took a picture of it when it looked all crazy.


I’d let her run it’s course if she’s in flower.


Let her go and see what happens. This little girl needs a chance :innocent:

So actually had another questions. The girl seemed to top herself across multiple branches. The resulting “Y” pattern didn’t develop long enough so the buds sites for each branch are really close to each other and touching. The picture has 4 bud sites all pretty much touching each other. Will they be ok developing in close proximity to each other or is sacrificing a bud site at this point disastrous for the plants stress levels?

And the red circles. Are those normal for a female calyx? Thanks!

Get garden stakes and spread them out .
Red :o: yes normal for a female

Thanks for the response. Not sure I can stake them apart being there very close to each other and the branches are not that long which doesnt allow them to be “pulled” apart very far. Plant got stunted early on and dwarfed in comparison to the other 2 growing alongside it.

Im thinking if I can see individual stalks you can spread them ,garden stakes are thin. they don’t need to be far apart now. You’d be training them to grow apart in the future.
Sometimes it happens with auto flowers. Only thing you can do is make the best of it.

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