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Anyways the back 3 plants are skittle clones from 1 ILGM seed and front plants are WW seeds from ILGM. My question is are my skittles suffering from a calmag issue or nute lockout?

I took the pic after watering btw
Soil is FFocean forest
I use poland spring water because my tap sucks, every jug I crack I ph test em and always read 6.8-6.5
I’m trying to stay organic so the Fertilzer I use is DownToEarth veg garden, rose&flower and add supplements to the water like Recharge and mycorrhizae
Lights are from hlg 260w qbv2
During day cycle the tent door is open and gets air from external fans/ac
Plants are 4wk of flower

I thought there was natural ph buffers in the soil but I guess that only can last so long? Or am I wrong I’m not sure tbh. If it’s ph related what other ways can I lower the ph organically?

This pic was the pic before I switched their cycle. Had barely any issues during veg. They starting showing deficiencies 2 weeks into flower. Oh and also mother skittle had the same issue but it started in the 6th week of flower and was close to harvest so I didnt mind it. Flower came out great tho

Sorry for your troubles. I’m new and need to learn. Following.

This was the mother skittle at wk8, it startled to curl like this during the end of its life cycle but again I didnt pay any mind to it cuz it was getting cut soon

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@Hellraiser what do you think?

You drank too much beer say what?

These questions will more than likely will need to be answered.
Down to Earth is dry top feed nutrients - so you only pH the water.
Do you check runoff pH?

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Are they always droopy? Time to check runoff ph and ppm and see what’s going on.

The leaves look over watered which will cause lots of deficiencies on its own which would explain the yellowing. Ocean forest has lime and oyster shells to buffer but I find it to not be enough after about 4 to 6 weeks soil ph starts dropping.
I mix in 1 cup of powdered dolomite per 1.5 cb ft bag od ffof. Hope this helps. If the soil runoff ph is in the correct zone I would suggest adding a salt based nute high in phosphorus and potassium.
Also if you want to grow organic id say the absolute minimum pot size would be 7gal but 10 your certainly be better.

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