Music for plants

ok, so studies have shown that plants respond to music, and that they prefer classical music. what i am curious about is weed plants in particular. do they prefer fast paced classical music, like “dance of the sugar plum”, or medium paced songs such as Für Elise… or slow paced songs like “moonlight sonata”?

… or does weed perfer jazz or something?

TIA for responses

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Weed like reggae mon! Ive never seen anyone smoke a doob and go to the symphony.


are you serious, or just making a joke?

Not really sure but my weed likes jamaican music!


I don’t play music for mine lol but Ive read others playing music too. At first I thought it was a joke. If I did I’d play upbeat country music.

i thought it was a joke too… but apparently studies have shown plants grow stronger and better with music. so now im looking to find out what they like the best.

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I think whatever you play they will accept :wink:

My girls and I listen to reggae daily only time they frown is when I mess up haha :joy: haven’t tested any other tunes or anything but ide imagine that they probably don’t enjoy heavy metal

I used to live upstairs from LaMonte Young, a sixties era musician who wired up his plants to play synthesizers. That’s a whole different perspective on plant music!

I sang to my first grow and they all hermed and then died.Just kidding.

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I think my girl would appreciate the music I like. Since the beginning of my grow I’ve been wondering how to pipe music in for her. My radio doesn’t get good reception.

Isochrones tones :musical_note: with the right speaker to carry the frequency or MHz right, it does really works .