Mushroom things?!


Eek. Two structires came up on the soil around one of my plants!
Could this indicate a fyngus or mold is getting a hold?


Photo didnt work:


Whats your humidity doing? Are you in veg or flower? It could be a sign of fungus or mold. Sorry not sure till more info.


Looks like a mushroom to me is you’re medium to moist?


That’s a mushroom. Do you ever let your soil dry out or are you constantly watering. Do you have a fan in the grow area?


They are in veg, I think, the largest about 6 inches tall and putting on new leaves, little sets at the base of a larger leaf…

( stipules?)

My bf keeps watering them when I’m not home…hes in trouble now!

Should I treat the soil with the peroxide mixture or just let the soil dry out more.?

The fan is a bathroom vent.



I don’t think there’s any need for peroxide, it’s just a mushroom, it means your soil is rich and in good condition, though probably too wet. Just let it dry out a bit and you’ll be fine.


Ok, I feel better now. No more alien mushrooms sprung up overnight.

I have a new lighting rig, and will not water again until soil has dried out just a bit.

So glad for this forum!