Mushroom in soil

Hello everybody, when i checked my Carolina Reaper Chili, i found these mushrooms in the soil, and i dont know what they are.

  • I Can see that it’s not only my chilies, but also my NorthernLights plant. Anyone know what it is and if i should be worried?


A good indication that your soil is too wet.

Cannabis needs wet/dry cycles to grow optimally. Let the soil dry out each time before watering again.

The mushrooms won’t hurt anything. Pull them and throw them away.


Thanks so much for the heads up! Ill remove Them and let the soil dry! :pray:t2:

It’s also a good indicator that your soil is in good health, the mycelium network is strong and healthy enough to support fruit bodies. @MidwestGuy is right though, if you’re seeing them, the soil is staying too wet.


Thank you for your feedback!
It’s Good to know, your allways only a couple minutes away from answers on any problem on here :pray:t2:

Dry period comming up for the plants Then!

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Hello I am a first time grower of indoor autos. R I find it really interesting you found mushrooms growing in your soil…haven’t come across that one yet on different species of plant/fungi that can grow in your pots soil. I TOO HAVE SOME MYSTERIOUS PLANTS growing around each of my 3 plants and I can’t find anywhere to identify what they are, the cause, or much out there on this at all. I NEED HELP TOO !! new on here not sure how to make my own thread. But here is my important information:

1 G-13 auto
1 Girl Scout Cookies Extreme auto
1 Purple Kush auto
A great medium all in all great drainage yet great water retention and all the mutes these baby’s need from seedling to harvest. I will not be adding any. The soil was opened right before being mixed together and directly put into pots (in February in New England so no seedlings I would know of out). So very little contamination possibility.
The plants themselves look great, the GSC is the one thriving the most yet oddly she has three of these tiny plants within 3 inch proximity so I have been worried about the route systems, or whether or not they are good or bad?? As there are companion plants but this was not done by me purposely lol.
Short little spouts with 2 elliptical like shaped leaves on each side seemingly coming out of the shoot of the stem. They are green and almost slick like leaves. I have many pictures but idk how to start a thread and post ‘‘em yet but need urgent help!
LAMP; Kind K3 xl300 2series
AreA: 2.5’ x3’(homemade structure)
Water: had been 300 mL each every other day from the tap. Good pH. Recent days been warmer (up to 90 a couple times as we suddenly had a 70 degree day where I live) but quickly lowered it w air flow and another watering as they were thirsty after the heat. But generally going with the wet/real dry/wet/real dry method.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks and good luck dude with the mushrooms, might just get a 2 for almost reminds me of a young penis envy variety hahaha


You dont need to water every other day. Let the soil dry out between waterings then water real good. Lift the pots and feel their weight, remember what that feels like when the soil is dry. Dont water again until the pot feels light when you lift the pot like it did before you watered.
MJ does way better with a wet/dry watering cycle.

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Dude shrooms do some of the craziest of things under ground talking to each other and all. Sharing nutes to each other so they all are the same ect. I was reading on them and super interesting on how the mycelium connects in ground like a path to communicate with each other. There r trees out there that do the same thing. They talk and one says I need this so the plant that has an excess amount of that send it over to the parts that need the nutes it’s calling for. It’s pretty wicked


Yes exactly. Fungi and mushrooms form an entire network underground of sorts that allow plants and trees to all communicate with one another. It’s really all quite fascinating. The mycelium network. Really cool stuff but not sure whether want it with your cannabis plant. Im curious what kind of mushroom it is. I had some ‘suckers’ growing in my soil that kept popping their heads up. It turns out they may be some kind of melon or possibly vegetable such as cucumber. The information sharing on this website is great.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!!!

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It’s an entire Living ecosystem under Ground for sure! I just love that This “hobby” allways throws little curveballs! The world of plants is absolutely awesome!

Apreciate all the answers, and the interest.

I accidentally got water in my mycos container so I dumped all of it spread across everything I had growing and about a month later I had a small crop of mushrooms like the 1st picture growing out the side of the bottom inch of one of my fabric pots. The pink one looks like some you see on @Caligurl 's mushroom growing thread.

Everything already said. A good healthy fungal system is very important for the soil and the plants around them.

Fungi form something known as a mutualistic symbiotic relationship which benefits both the plants and the fungus. Fungi have no chlorophyll and are unable to photosynthesize in the same way that plants do. Therefore, they get their nutrients in another ways.

Their solution is to bind to the roots of plants and feed off the carbohydrates and amino acids that they produce. In return, they improve the plant’s ability to take up water and nutrients from the soil. It’s a win-win situation.

Furthermore, fungi can help to suppress diseases in the soil and increase plants’ resilience to harsh conditions like droughts.

Marijuana cultivators are now beginning to take advantage of this partnership to enhance the health of their crops. Many people intentionally introduce a specific type of fungus known as mycorrhizae (like Great White or Recharge) to their gardens. Mycorrhizae improve the health of cannabis plants and some think it could even increase their overall yield. They also reduce susceptibility to pests and environmental stressors.

However, although mushrooms in your marijuana patch are generally desirable, there are also some drawbacks to consider. It probably means your soil is too cold or too wet so just keep an eye out… it’s possible with the right conditions, you could also have mold.

… oh and some mushrooms are poisonous so if you have pets or children around, it’s best to pluck them out and make sure to wash your hands after (that’s a given with all mushrooms). The one on the bottom, does, look like one of the ones I grow but I would never assume when it comes to mushrooms…