Munchies DP Grow

Hi guys! Starting a grow journal, for better or worse (lol). I want to document my ups and downs, trials and tribulations, in complete honesty. Hopefully I get some good advice, great education and will be able to document every step of the way. I think I’ll give an update or two every week.

I’m already behind on the journal, but have pics from the beginning so let me start with a speedy recap.

Setup is 5x5x6.8 tent, AC Infinity 6" exhaust, HLG 650R, 6" clip fan on bottom of light (to move the heat around), a box fan outside of the tent raised to the lights driver height (again to knock off a little heat) organic no till (Build A Soils Gascanastan mix).

Resources were getting a bit expensive and I couldn’t afford 6 bags of Oly Mountain Fish Compost, so I went to my local feed store and got some chicken compost and cow compost which is turning out to be a pain in my ass! More about that later… I let the soil cook for two months since I decided to add a few cups of this…

More about the setup…I modified my exhaust so if need be, I can throw the hot air outside, like this…

I have a tent, but still for some reason, I lightproofed the room. I put some static vinyl I found on Amazon for pretty cheap on the window (which works great), then taped that off with black tape around the edges. I threw a draft blocker under the door and weather stripping around the edges (my wife loves to leave lights on).

On the top of the tent, I ran an optional intake (in case of extreme temp/RH events), but not with a fan, but like this…

There’s velcro on that so I can remove/attach whenever and pump some AC when I need to (like late spring & especially summer)

I have a blumat system I have yet to touch and figure out (would really appreciate if you could steer me on that).

(5)Seven gallon pots, all durban poison fem photos (courtesy of ILGM w/100% germination so far).

Tent came from AC Infinity. I’ve previously purchased another tent, but this one is STURDY. Heavy fabric, thicker polls, a few minor pinholes, 3 passive intake flaps and all around pretty good. Unzips on three sides which should help since I hope to scrog if I make it that far.

I’ve been freestyling this whole thing as I go. I bought a dry erase board to block the window at one point, but it was too small so I actually used it for its intended use (kinda)

Next post I will get into the soil…let me know if I missed somethin you guys wanna know about

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Now for the soil…
As previously mentioned I purchased BAS gascanastan mix for a cubic yard. I previously bought Coots mix from them and was extremely satisfied.
(2) 3 cu ft bales of sphagnum peat moss
(1) 20lbs bags of worm castings
(1) 20lbs bag of pumice
(1) 20lbs bag of rice hulls

Can’t remember these weights but all are the same size bag as the Oly Mountain…
(2) bags of oly mountain fish compost
(2) bags chicken compost
(2) bags cow compost

Maybe I’m remembering it wrong but I’m positive by volume and weight I did 1 part aerate:1 part compost: 1 part peat…I threw in 5 cups of the MicroLife Innoculant in the previous post for shits and giggles…it had myco & yucca and Molasses and whatever whatever

Now on the bags of chicken & cow compost it specifically said…NOT FOR INDOOR USE​:joy::joy::joy:
I mixed it all and kept it moist, turning twice a week (a lot of work). Long story less long some white striped flies which love all kinds of shit piles and dead carcasses laid some eggs. Not really a problem for the plants but a lesson learned for me (don’t use outdoor only shit inside :joy::joy::joy:)

I got some fly traps put up and since December 27th, this is what I got…(remember I’m being honest and keeping it all the way real)

As far as this week goes, the population is way down and I see maybe 1 or two a week. Before I got the fly traps I was using a vacuum to catch em lol, but that’s not very efficient or realistic when I have to leave for work.
When I potted the seeds up I mixed in mosquito bits in the top 2"-3" of soil and used a fair amount (it almost looked like I had too much pumice)
At one point in time fungus gnats showed up anyway so I let everything dry out.

Rewinding back a bit, I sprouted my seeds using Dutch passions method of lightly damping two cotton pads and placing the seeds in between them(I added a little bit of great white myco). I then put that in a open sandwich bag and placed it in a drawer.

So I germinated Christmas eve, potted up on Christmas (taps roots showing) and broke soil 12/28.

I only use water, with the exception of a one time seaweed feed. I plan on making some EM1, so when I get to that part I’ll be sure to post…

I have pics from Jan 5, but the megapixels are too big, besides, only thing really growing is growers anxiety :joy::joy::joy:

Next post will finally bring me up to date…

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So in this current week…or sometime since last week…I decided to get some cover crops (by digging up already established white clovers from outside, giving the some great white and plop) and companion plants…oh I almost forgot I put a clove of garlic in every pot because I read it helps repel (I know this shit is getting hilarious :sweat_smile::laughing::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:) …and yeah 2 of em are growing

So let’s jump right into the idiocy that is none other than munchies grow…

Oh yeah I almost forgot I attached a T5 fixture fitted with a 14%uvb bulb from my last grow (but won’t be using anytime soon on this grow)…the sticky traps are coming down, because they look tacky as shit and I’m not having any pest problems now…and why the box fan? Because I can’t afford a hurricane super 8, that’s why…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I haven’t used these and hope I won’t have to…

One last note when I potted up I filled with my soil but back filled a solo cups worth of jiffy with great white…one of the plants I actually put in a solo cup for later transplant (which was today)…the roots weren’t fully developed so the soil fell apart in my hands and maybe some of the roots broke. I put some great white and potted up 4 hrs ago, so we shall see

So far everything is alright, but I am going to stop with these plants and just lightly water twice a week…I hope

Till next time…


Whew! You’ve got a lot going on!

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I concur!! Ok Still catching up but i think @merlin44 uses BluMat… if not someone does. My bad wiz

Sweeeeeet setup. Why arent u using the UVB in veg? Id imagine blues help in that stage no!


I don’t even know what a BluMat is…I must be missing out on something.

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Haha i was thinking it was one of those automated doohickeys u got in ur setup. Man ive been off my tag game lately.

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I do have some automated doohickeys but not a BluMat. LOL

My automated doohickey is called a PLC. LOL

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I thought it was for trich production…its pretty strong! Did good for my last grow…but I read somewhere that I did it wrong and it needs to be applied in 15 minute cycles…I just try whatever for better or worse

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At the time I had to order the bulb from Germany, but it wasn’t expensive…I think $30 bucks max

I’ve always wondered how do you differentiate seedling from veg stage? Just now, today, this very moment (lol) I was checking my plants and noticed a major change from the soft baby stem seedlings have (the one we are all so afraid to break) to the grooved stem we all recognize on hearty plants. From now on, I’m declaring this the veg stage. I just entered.

I broke soil on 12/28.
Seedling stage to 1/13
Veg began 1/14

Sorry guys, but I’m kinda using this journal a lot for me and notes to self vs showing off because idk wth I’m doing! :joy:

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Got your self alota dirt

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Yeah…Hopefully I can keep things going in a perpetual motion…maybe set up another tent I already had before my upgrade…might even do some patio plants, which came out phenomenal in regular peat w/ sprouted barley and left over tea.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately and I’m going to start using UVB in veg. My reasoning is cannabis is in veg in spring, summer and early fall. Outside, this is when the days are longer and the sun is at a different angle providing the most UVB during this time, plus UVB staves off powdery mildew. I also plan to continue using during flowering. My max time will be 2 hrs a day but for now I’m working up to 30 minutes a day. I’ll keep you posted on how this goes. For the past few days I have been using it 15 min, and it does seem like the leaves are picking up in oil production, then again maybe they are just filling out into their natural form. IDK, but thanks for opening my mind!

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Minor update…the clovers I scavenged had some aphids? Clover mites? They didn’t touch the cannabis but I still cut them out, out of fear. I noticed them after I had watered my plants. It had been 4 days since my last water. They were small and black and had about 16 little babies hanging on a flowered clover stem. (Supposed to have posted 1/16/2021)

So now that my babies are in veg vs seedling, I went ahead and mixed up 5 mL of the Natural Oil (pictured above in a previous post) to 28 oz of water and poured it over a flowering clover stem that was infested with clover mites and eggs & they died (well drowned) almost immediately! Yesterday (1/16) I was cutting out some mites and dropping them in the Natural Oil (undiluted) and they were drowning so I figured I’d give it a shot. The bottle says soy oil, emulsifiers etc. W/ just 5 mL of the oil in 28 oz of water, the bottle turned milky with some shaking (those emulsifiers are great!). The bottle also mentioned it being a natural nutrient supplement, so crossing my fingers I drenched the top soil of each 7 gal pot w/ 56 oz of the mix each. I then mixed 2 more bottles adding 1 mL of neem (the Natural oil also states its a sticker and pesticide carrier). I split 1 bottle with the neem added between my (5) 7 gal pots to top off the 1st application and the second bottle I misted every plant (canna, garlic, lavender, chamomile, marigold, bluebonnet) all over and underside of leaves. I then watered the pots (it was watering day with about 2 solo cups of water give or take, until all of the soil was moist. It may sound like a lot, but my soil was dry before application, I still had no runoff, and my plants have been thirsty since I’ve been running my HLG 650R on max, with 30 min ofn14% uvb i

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in the morning keeping the recommended temps of HLG (78°F - 85°F). The higher temps have brought a good rate of growth and made my plants thirsty. After I finished the application I dimmed the lights to where I had the setting during seedling stage (min power) to avoid any possible light burn (about 45 min before lights out). Here I am, fingers crossed prayers up that all works out well. Won’t know until tomorrow afternoon or maybe even the day after that. Anyway, my next weekly photo update will be Tuesday 1/19/2021. I won’t be doing anything until then & hopefully I’ll feel good about starting some LST. Always keeping it honest, for better or worse, till next time, peace.

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I understand your logic behind trying to mimic the sun… but manipulation tactics have been researched and adding UV in flower triggers an “avoidance” reaction when the plant gets uv it produces more tricomes because the resin glands act as the plants sunscreen and tric production is higher in flower and UV ramps tric levels


Yeah for sure. Read somewhere that blasting for 2hrs a day will has some other benefits ie PM prevention. That was either black dog or cali lightworks or flower power…I don’t remember…then again might be sales tactics…I’ll try to find the page again to post…my uvb is Arcadia 14%…I think flower power had some ridiculous amount of uvb like 30%…I jus want to grow good dank & not die doing it lol