Multiple strains with a few deficiencies

I use spring water with a 0ec, have low dose calmag but also dosed PK a bit late possibly and lights off temps have been under 15°c

Using canna nutes, only just started PK feed 1.7ec pH was 6.0 prior feed and 6.3 on the last. I normally sit on 5.8-6.0. Have had a calcium deficiency on most but I am only feeding every 3days or so, a lot of change over those 3days

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I don’t rate canna nutes at all, I bought some used them for a few weeks and was getting deficiencies, went straight back to bio bizz fish mix for veg and I use bio biz bloom and bio bizz top max for flower :v:t2:

But your low temps probably didn’t help I’d imagine

You’ll get it though brother

Looks like nitrogen def. to me.

I wouldn’t even use them nutrients id switch to jacks 321 and u get to feed it the same thing everytime u water. Also start feeding every 2 days or everyday