Multiple lights


Look up cob optic 54w on YouTube. I paid 140$ for 1 of them.

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@H146 I checked it out, it looks pretty good but is 54w enough? I’m not the most educated on lighting seeing I do mostly outdoor grows


That part I don’t no :cry:


@dbrn32 how many HLG 120 quantum boards do you think i’d Need for my 1.2mx1.2m tent?


6 would be really good if you could do it.

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Ahhh so for 6 il prob need a bigger driver.

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You have a driver already?


No no but when you add 4 board kit to your cart it recommends a driver to suit lol. No option for six boards. Il wait til they’re back open and then go from there. :slight_smile:


Hlg-320h-c2100a should run 6.

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@dbrn32 I didn’t want to start a new forum for this, I figured you’d be able to help me with my situation. My plants have outgrown my temporary grow room. Im probably getting like 300 watts of light in there right now. I put my plants outside for most of the day to get better natural light. I do plan on taking them outside perminatley but I’ve messed up and didn’t adjust lighting soon enough. I’ve been slowly dropping the light schedule so I can transfer them outside without making them flower. I’m getting almost 13 hours of daylight right now but my plants are at 16 hrs on. So at this rate I’ll have them under artitlight for another 3 weeks… I also feel like at this point in the growth the 300 watts is only keeping them from flowering and I’m getting less growth. Do you think it would be more worth it to go ahead and transfer them outside or should I remove the grow tent they’re in now and keep them under the artificial light and keep slowly dropping the light schedule? I hope I explained this well enough :sweat_smile:.


You should be able to find when it’s safe to plant outside for area you live in. I would go by that. How big is the space you’re growing in?