Multiple lights


Look up cob optic 54w on YouTube. I paid 140$ for 1 of them.


@H146 I checked it out, it looks pretty good but is 54w enough? I’m not the most educated on lighting seeing I do mostly outdoor grows


That part I don’t no :cry:


@dbrn32 how many HLG 120 quantum boards do you think i’d Need for my 1.2mx1.2m tent?


6 would be really good if you could do it.


Ahhh so for 6 il prob need a bigger driver.


You have a driver already?


No no but when you add 4 board kit to your cart it recommends a driver to suit lol. No option for six boards. Il wait til they’re back open and then go from there. :slight_smile:


Hlg-320h-c2100a should run 6.