Multiple light types in grow room

I have a 13 x 11 room that we have converted into a grow room. We have been using 2 vivosun 1000 watt lights both with a dimmable ballast. There is reflective film on the walls. Our first two grows presented some challenges mainly heat. I just purchased 2 more lights. King LED 1500 full spectrum, self cooling and installed a better outside exhaust ventilation. My question at this point has anyone out there used a combination of LED and HPS light?

I’ve seen others use all kinds of mixes.

There are no I’ll effects when using both types of lights. I’m guessing you could get more efficient/better lights overall but you are good mixing the 2.

How many plants could be supported in this type setup?

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The vivosuns are 1000w ea, so 20sq ft per light.
The king 1500 are 260w ea, so 5sq ft per light.

So a grand total of 50sq ft ± I’d figure 6-8 plants of med size depending on how you arrange them.

Just remember the LED’s you are buying are NOT that wattage and are not equivalent to MH/HPS despite what they are saying. There is no substitute for power, unfortunately.

You might think about upgrading to quantum boards if worried about heat.

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What is a quantum board?

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It’s a light fixture using later generation LED’s with much higher efficacy than either of the current lights you have now. Case in point I went from 1,400 watts of inferior LED’s to 600 watts of high efficacy for the same light levels or better. I’m running 25 watts/squre foot and growing dank.

Look up Horticulture Lighting Group and might suggest poking around in this thread: