Multiple issues, cannot get plants to grow

From a fellow grower: Out of the total number of seed 2 have successfully made it to flower stage 1 plant produced a whole 1/8 of an oz and the other never fully formed flowers.

• Strain: Purple Haze / Super silver Haze / Blue Haze

• Type (fem/auto/reg): Fem

• Climate (indoor/outdoor): Indoor

• Medium (soil/hydro/details): Soil ( FOX FARMS ( Happy Frog) and Hydro

• pH of runoff or solution in reservoir: N/A

• Nutrient mix strength (EC/TDS): Per nutirents instructions (Bergmans step 1,2,3,4)

• Light type & schedule: 18 on 6 off

• Temperatures day & night: 80 day / 70 night

• Humidity day & night: 55-60 Day / 60-70 Night

• Ventilation: Fan

• AC: N/A

• Humidifier: N/A

• De-humidifier: N/A

• Co2:N/A

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:point_up_2: hydro or soil?

:point_up_2: this is your culprit. To flower a photo period the light schedule should be 12/12 :love_you_gesture:


No this is not the issue I use the 18/6 for veg state and then per instructions of fertilizer I go 2-3 weeks with step 3 bergmans fertilizer at which point I switch the lighting to 12/12

I think they are saying they went 18/6 throughout.

Ya no I went 18/6 full veg and then over to 12/12 when I wanted it to flower


Maybe a mishap, read up on VPD and see if you’re in the correct range :)) also what light and wattage