Multiple Growth on a Platform


Hello Robert, great job you’re doing and everyone here… been reading few of the posts here and they have been so helpful the bad thing is that I discovered this site late before planting. As a beginner and my first planting, i poured couple seeds into a 15ltr gallon and look what’s producing and couple more still sprouting up in the same gallon… now I have more than 5 of them growing. Please what can i do in this situation?



How many cannabis seeds did you put in there? Are those weeds along with the MJ? You’re going to have to separate them before their roots start to entwine.


I will remove all other plants and weeds now.


What else do i have to do?


It’s going to be a bit of a pain in the a$$ too separate them. Post another pic after you get all the weeds out so I can see how close they’re growing together.


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What type are they? Are you going to use Powder nuts or liquid nuts?
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@JesiCa, no worries I’ve done this before myself, long ago! But take you a spoon and just go under the ones you want to keep and ease them out of the dirt, put small root ball in what ever your gonna grow In and water good, they will make it just fine…water is the key here…and I would buy them up to the top leaves,


Thank you Sittingbull… When can i transplant them? And i was thinking of transplanting the whole bucket into a bigger medium. What you think?


Lol looks like at least a dozen @raustin lol i don’t know what to say. Maybe split them as good as possible, but you don’t want to do it too early. Too late roots will entangle.


I would now, sooner the better, you may.lose one or two or you may not, just depends on how much care you take, I know guys who start their plants like this and then just use a spoon to lift out, it’s not my cup of tea but it works for some,


She could just quarter the pot and transplant. Then thin the heard to the strongest!


I see you found it! You can disregard my last post to your topic, I guess…


I agree with separating the plants into their own pots. Using a spoon is a good idea, just make sure to get 3 or 4 inches below the seedling. At that depth, any root damage should act as root pruning and back branch the root system.

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