Multiple Germinated Seeds In One Container

Hi…just a quick question…should I put more than one germinated seed in a 5 gallon planters pot…I have never seen this question addressed, and was just curious…I figured, if more than one plant was in a container, it would allow for more growth…I have a tent setup with soil…tent is 2X4X5 feet high…basically, I can put four 5-gallon planters buckets in my grow tent, and was curious whether or not it is a smart move to have more than one germinated seed in a planting pot…any help on this question will be appreciated.

Never put more than one plant per pot. :slight_smile:

Ive tried it, a 5 foot tall plant needs at least the space a 5 gal bucket provides for root growth, soil or hydro. I got two plants to grow in a 30 gal feed bucket outside, couldnt keep em watered enough though outside, even at a 30 gal container size. Would probably be fine indide but why bother, (2) 5 gal buckets take up less space. No to mention as the plants grow youll need to physically move the containers apart to take advantage of the light available, cant do that if they share a bucket. Thats the best explaination i can do for why not, we its not an explaination i guess, just a “if you do you’ll regret it” sort of a thing.