Multiple first times


good day all. been doing lots of reading. seems to be some pretty knowledgeable people on here. figured id share what I have going on. fair warning, my typing skills blow. I am tec stupid.(let me know how to tag someone)
this is my first time ever trying autos. ![0219181748-00|666x500] 4 largest pots are the autos,20 days old.(upload://hERgD7tiuPJoZGndyt4SxisREnu.jpg)
then theres the 1 1/2 gal. they are super skunk, bubble gum, ak-47. once autos done, ill probs flower couple of them, that will be a first for me aswell. rest will be in timber.
then theres the solo cups. they will be transplanted in next day or 2.
as you can see I try to use up ever inch. the plastic 4 square pots are brocili. they needed bit of love.
theres a tray of solo cups.
those are girl scout cookie,for some reason cant recall name of other.
I will be increasing size of area as transplant to bigger pots.
I gotta go for now, I will try to get more info up about this later.

Come grow with me by HCG (week 4 and on)

All out of likes, but they’re coming along. @patch67


soil I am using is a mixture of home made compost, just natural organic soil, and perilite. does that sound good for indoors? and for auto bud?


A lot of folks here make their own soil. As long as it is composted properly, it’s perfectly acceptable. @patch67 you may still need additional nutrients after a month or two. Especially for flowering.


I have 1 of those cheap 3 way meters. measures light, ph and moisture. I don’t want to rely on such cheap product. any recommendations for ph tester?


will this work fine once flowering? its 0-50-30


There’s a variety of nutrient lines to use. This depends on how long you intend to veg for. That will work. So you may need to find some nitrogen also. There’s the flower power nutrient line that’s on ilgm. Not sure if you’re looking for organic, or synthetic. Or something that just works. There’s so many different fertilizer lines that you can use. Even in your local hardware store. A lot of people here use fox farms which found locally usually. (Even here in Alaska) or nectar for the gods. There’s also the remo line of nutrients. A lot of great success with any of those. It’s entirely your preference. @patch67


The three way meters never work, and are notoriously inaccurate. I would highly recommend any digital ph tester. A lot of people use amazon. I’ll see if I can search one for you.


Here’s an example. You don’t have to spend a lot, but you don’t want to go to cheap either. @patch67


@patch67, I am only three weeks into my first grow so I am no expert. That said I have been reading every article, guide and post here at ILGM, it is clear, to have health plants we must maintain the proper pH in the soil and the water that our plants rely on. You must have accurate pH measuring equipment to do this.


@patch67 I just was on about this topic in my thread since I’m new to this. I bought a PH and PPM tester tonight that helpful people informed me about. Check them out on this page, scroll through, near the bottom. Hope it helps! I have some questions please help


@patch67 your getting some good advice from @Covertgrower
The picture you posted would be a good bloom booster once in flowering added to you regular nutrients
I use the ff trio bloom boosters they work great
Three part early flower mid flower end of flower
In my opinion get the best meter you can afford youll be going to it regularly so you want to onow you can trust it :wink:


barrel conversion kit rain water capture


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`you can’t beat nature rain water,it’s like a magic potion to indoor plants i just built this using a barrel convention kit from amazon


that’s a nice looking set up. in summer I do have 5 barrels on gutter down spouts, mainly for garden. I am unable to use now. only 28 degrees today.
I do use pond water if not frozen. I sure hope pond water is ok to use indoors.


ph tester ordered.


I hope you have more light and more room what you have going looks awesome but you have a lot and they will get big in veg but in flower they can triple in size easy so just be aware :wink:


with all the reading ive been doing, learning so much. this question is about Boveda 62%. I see comes in range of size 4-60g. I believe 4 grams is what I need. I use mason jars of multiple sizes from jelly jars to gal jars on good years. for most part I use quarts.
is 4g good for quarts? if its a good year and use some gallon jars,wat size packets would you guys recommend.
thank you to all taking their time to pass on knowledge


I still have a lot more room available. I keep area as small as can right now for heating issues. now I have 1-450 watt and 1-300 watt. unsure of power they really draw. I do have 2 more 300w on stand by.
most will be going to timber in april. they will also be out doors on all sunny days(except the autos and 2 that I will flower after autos are done.


I still have a lot of catching up to do on tec side. my old school thermometer. high/low.


I should of waited bit more before starting so many.
the seeds were talking to me. they promised they will grow up to be beautiful young ladies.
the power of females,lol