Multipack, first time grower

I set up a 4x4x6.5 grow tent with a 270 watt LED with built in fan. The temperature dropped to 64 and felt cold. I thought the LED gave off a lot of heat. It is still cold here but thought the tent and light would provide ample heat. Should I buy another light? I’m germinating 4seeds.

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Hi @bonnie1 and welcome.
I had the same problem with lower temp in my tent (running a single LED light).
This corrected itself when I added a second LED.

You can also try a heating may made for seedling, or a space heater.

I found the easiest solution for heat, which also added more light for growth was a second LED.

Hope this helps & good luck on your grow

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welcome to ilgm @bonnie1,leds are the cooler type lights as opposed to an hid…getting another will bring your heat up,but i don’t know how much…have you tried a super sprouter or similar propagation equipment?
that might be easier to control temps for your young seedlings… just my opinion

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LEDs produce less heat and if it had a build in cooling fan that helps even more. My 600 watt LED increase the temperature by about 5-7 degrees with out any air filtration what so ever.

Yor looking for about 50wattsbper square foot so you’d need like 800 watts for your size tent
That said adding a second light will help with temps and give your girls more of what they want most light
Happy growing @bonnie1 and welcome to the farm
If I can help just tag me
Also if you decide to get a space heater I suggest getting the oil filled type they are safer to use less risk of fire IMO
I agree with @BIGE a propagation tray with dome and heat mat might be best for germination and temp and humidity control I think I paid like 30$ for mine


Thank you so much for your support and knowledge. I already ordered another led 300 watt because I had to act quickly. 420 must’ve been good luck for me cause I have 2 Amnesia Haze sprouts this morning! Waiting for Big Bud and Chocolade to sprout. My seedlings are in my kitchen where it’s warm and I can turn on oven, near lots of windows so I can create humidity and heat. I’ll check on heating mat right away. I do have a green thumb and no stranger to growing indoor/outdoor plants. Even germinated marijuana seeds in 70s, they sprouted and began growing but that’s a long story. So right now I only have 570 watts of LED for I hope 4 plants, thought 100 watts per plant would be enough. Im working on it, so exciting…thanks again

I will buy another LED to equal 600 watts, should’ve bought that to begin with anyway. I will need it during the flowering stage. I germinated 4seeds in soil late afternoon Easter Sunday. Nothing sprouting yet. Thank you for your advice. I’m loving this site.