Multi chamber grow tents

Hello. I currently have a 9x4 multi chamber grow tent. I was thinking about trying to set up a perpetual harvest. Or atleast try. My question is besides lighting, what equipment do I need for the small chambers? Will they require another inline exhaust fan or oscillating fan? Thanks for taking the time.


Im new too…and have wondered this also. I know one person here said they have just a veg tent where they pretty much just have a light and a couple fans…opens the zipper doors during the day…and then has everything in the flower tent

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Do the chambers have shared ventilation holes?
If so, personally, I would worry about connecting vegetative to flowering because if you find out you have males too late, they could pollenate the females.
If it’s seedling and flowering it would probably be safer.
I just got a second tent so I can have

  1. vegetative and cloning and then
  2. flowering and drying
    Each will have it’s own environmental controls and airflow, that’s just me though.

Almost everyone I have seen with a tent like that says the light leakage from one chamber to the next is too much to prevent the flowering plants from being effected. I have one and gave up trying to use the areas separately.

Its basically a 4foot wide by 1 foot deep by 6.5 feet tall space with a wire shelf dividing it. There are ports for a 4 inch fan . I believe the door has a screen as well.

I really just want a place to start more seeds while I use the big chamber to dry my girls. That way when they are done I have a bit of a head start

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will probably work for that

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